Ship 02

Tycoon Container ship with 6 60t holds

Ships can be used to explore seaways, discover new trading partners and transport goods from one island to the next.

Classes of ShipsEdit

Ship 01

Eco Cargo liner with 4 50t holds

A variety of ship types which can differ greatly in hold capacity, susceptibility to damage and speed are available for your adventure in Anno 2070. The ship’s speed is also additionally influenced by the current cargo load and / or damage. For submersible craft see Submarines.

Ships are divided into Trade Ships and Warships.

  • Trade ships specialize in transporting and are capable of transporting large quantities of Goods and Items with minimal loss of speed. However, they are unarmed and unable to defend themselves when under attack.
  • Warships are used in combat to attack enemy vehicles and buildings. Warships each have their own specialization and thus, different classes of warships specialize in different combat situations. They can be used to transport goods but they will generally lose a lot of speed when transporting large quantities of goods.
Freight ship 2

Freight ship with 3 40t holds

Trade ShipsEdit



There are several ways to obtain ships:


  • "Northburgh" is sometimes used as a ship name, as a reference to Lord Richard Northburgh in Anno 1404.

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