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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Add-On icon Shortage of skilled workers Medium
The creation of a simulation model is one of the most important steps for the analysis. ETO has a very limited staff available, far too few to meet the challenges ahead.
So help Hiro Ebashi to attract a large number of Geniuses to this sector. Both the Eden Initiative and Global Trust have already pledged you their support.
Objectives Achieve 1000 Tech Geniuses

Focus Development, Techs
NPCs Hiro Ebashi, Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi
Multiplayer not available

Shortage of Skilled Workers is one of the second-tier missions of the Miracle in Danger campaign. It's focusing on Tech settlement construction and development: Hiro Ebashi tasks you with building a city capable of housing a 1000 geniuses.

Shortage of Skilled Workers is a prelude to Saving a Miracle, which can be unlocked by completing the other second-tier missions, Forced Evacuation and Long-Distance Supply.

Difficulty: Medium

Main Objective[]

Shortage of skilled workers

Provide Dr. Ebashi with the staff necessary to create the simulation model needed so desperately for the analysis.

  • ▶ Settle:
    • Genius icon Geniuses 0/1000
      in this sector.

Hiro Ebashi icon "A detailed simulation model could be crucial to the success of the analysis, as well as to repairs."

  • Reward:
  • Career Points (with a faction of your choice) 200 Career Points

Primary Quests[]

Buildings from the Eco/Tycoon factions are only obtainable by completing various quests:

The agony of choice
  • ▶ Recover 1 Crate Flotsam from the marked position at sea.
    • Flotsam: 0/1
  • ▶ Bring the salvaged Flotsam to Mr. Thorne's Ark.

Rufus Thorne icon "Global Trust will grant you access to all our Technologies. If you help us a little here and there."

  • Reward:
  • Building icon Construction option: Basalt crusher
  • Credits-icon 5,474
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence
  • ▶ Yana is also interested in the items of Flotsam and asks you to deliver them there instead.

Yana Rodriguez icon "After a disaster like that you should really stick to ecologically sound solutions! And that makes us your first port of call!"

  • Reward:
  • Building icon Construction option: Basalt extraction
  • Credits-icon 5,899
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence

The subsequent quest chain follows an identical pattern and yields Credits-icon 100/110k if completed:

Unlock Objective Yana Rodriguez Rufus Thorne
Build Warehouse Salvaged Goods 1 Crate Flotsam Building modules Basalt Extraction Building modules Basalt Crusher
30 Assistants Wanted Person 3 Engineers Wind-park-iconEnergy cost Wind Park Coal-power-stn-iconEnergy cost Coal Power Station
100 Assistants Fish 12t Fish Tools Tools Workshop
Build Tools Workshop Coal 18t Coal Crude oilResource refill Oil Driller
1 Researcher 4x Fish 15t Fish Weather-stn-iconEco cost Weather Cont. Station
500 Researchers Wanted Person 5 Architects Offshore-wind-iconEnergy cost Offshore Wind Park Nuclear-power-iconEnergy cost Nuclear Power Plant
30 Geniuses Sea Creatures 3 Objects Solar-power-iconEnergy cost Solar Tower Gen.
500 Geniuses Wanted Person 7 Architects Monitor-stn-iconEco cost Monitoring Station Deacid-stn-iconEco cost Deacid. Station

Starting Influence with each faction is 30. Each quest grants +10 Influence with the chosen faction, while a -15 Influence penalty is incurred with the opposition (when 2 options are available). It is advisable to maintain positive relations with both factions.

Supplementary Quests[]

[needs verification; trigger unknown]

This quest, offered by Prof. Devi is optional, but covers the Credit cost of Academy construction:


Prof. Devi is leaving you to choose to carry out the following challenge:

  • ▶ Construct the following Building:
    • Academy-icon Academy 0/1

Salman Devi icon "That way, you'll set down the essential foundation for the most advanced developments!"

  • Reward:
  • Credits-icon 9,240
  • Licenses-icon 229 Licenses


  • Default Main Island (North West of Ark): The Island nearest to the Ark is actually not the optimal location in this situation. It would necessitate expansion to 2 other Islands, or Oil Rigs instead of Oil Drillers (which are more expensive). In this scenario, The Islands to either the South West or North East may be used for Oil and Drinks production. Coffee fertility will need to be purchased or further Islands expanded to.
  • Preferred Main Island (East of Ark): Production of Carbon can take place directly on this Island using Oil Drillers. The population will be unaffected by negative Ecobalance, while no farming activities will take place here. Although it might take a minute to get there, it will save more than a minute in micromanagement later on.
  • Drinks Island (North East of Ark): Cultivate Sugar Beets and Coffee here after purchasing the latter fertility from an NPC.
  • Underwater Reef (East of Devi's Ark): This reef is situated close to the mainland and contains plenty of room for expansion.

S.A.A.T. (Techs)[]

  • ~1.1k Bricks, 1k Tools, 27/36t Concrete and 350t Carbon will be required to complete this mission.
  • 3 Fisheries, 4 Functional Food, 2 Drinks, 2/3 Immunity Drugs and 2/3 Neuroimplant chains will eventually be required to meet the needs of the population. 1 City Center, 2 Laboratories and an Information Center will also be needed to support this Tech settlement. An Academy is optional, but recommended to increase population growth, while the costs are covered by a quest from Dr. Devi.
  • After founding a city, build 10 Assistants' Domiciles and 2 Fisheries (unlocking the Basalt quest and Functional Food), then build 10 more Assistants' Domiciles (unlocking the Tools quest and Functional Drinks), for a total of 20.
  • Build 8 Basalt chains and 3 early Rotary Excavators (for the Oil Driller quest). Setup buy orders for Bricks/Tools and build 3 Tools chains to increase production. Build 2 Functional Food and 2 Drinks chains immediately when the options become available.
  • 4 Carbon chains should be setup, which becomes cheaper to produce after ~30 minutes, compared to buying it from Prof. Devi. 4 Carbon chains will produce 240 Carbon in 30 mins and 360 Carbon in 45 mins; a significantly more economical solution to this mission. Approx. 250 units can be purchased from Prof. Devi, at an additional cost of 38/42k (increasing the price per unit to ~152/168 credits). This will result in quicker mission completion, but may require the use of loans (see Tips below).
  • When Bricks, Tools and Food/Drinks chains are in place, increase Lab Assistants' Domiciles to 30+ and build a Laboratory. Upgrade 17+ units for a total of 500+ Researchers; income should be net zero. Repeat and build another 30+ structures, a 2nd Laboratory and upgrade 17+ more units; income should be net positive. If it isn't, then you've over-extended somewhere. Raise the Tax rate.
  • Purchase up to 50 Microchips from Dr. Devi for 1k credits (otherwise 1 underwater Electronics Recycler will be required) and begin construction of 2/3 Immunity Drug and Neuroimplant chains. If you manage consumption of Immunity Drugs and Neuroimplants on Researchers and Geniuses properly (and setup buy orders), then only 2 chains should be required, but 1 more of each may become necessary (likely Neuroimplants, if Immunity Drugs are built early).
  • Then construct 2 more Functional Food chains, as supplies will shortly begin to decline (at 1000+ Researchers). Drinks should be sufficient to last the remainder. 1,200 Researchers (40 Apartments) will be required to build the Information Center, unlocking progression to Geniuses. Continue upgrading Assistants to Researchers and then Geniuses in the meantime.
  • 112 Assistant's Domiciles, 67 upgraded to Researcher's Apartments and 20 upgraded to Genius' Residences will be required; for a final count of 225 Assistants (45 Domiciles), 1,410 Researchers (47 Apartments) and 1,000 Geniuses (20 Residences). This may be further reduced too 40/42/18 (100 units) through the Living Spaces Information Center channel (saving 65t Bricks, 60t Tools and 25t Carbon), although the rate of population growth will be reduced.


  • Upgrade Assistants to Researchers ASAP because they consume less Food/Drinks while providing more Tax income, improving the economy over time. Failure to do so can lead to large deficits and overburdened production chains.
  • Make heavy use of the three friendly Arks to buy Tools and Building Modules en masse, and setup buy orders at all Warehouses, trading additional units from passing ships. The original Warship may be used to service a Trade route, picking up Tools/Bricks/Carbon from each NPC, then depositing them at base. Build Harbor Depots to increase storage capacity and upgrade the Warehouse; remember to increase the quantity of buy orders appropriately after doing so.
  • It is actually cheaper to purchase Tools at 35 credits (per unit) than it is to produce them yourself, until 2+ hours have elapsed. Bricks are always cheaper to produce. However, due to the large quantities required, it is still preferable to set buy orders for both. Set Tools at 25/35 credits (per unit), but leave Bricks alone, or raise them slightly. Order more Bricks and Tools at the Ark as necessary throughout the mission.
  • If positive relations with Yana and Rufus are maintained, then 2 loans worth 21k/ea (or 35k/ea) may be withdrawn (depending on whether Geniuses are unlocked). Complete both initial quests for Rufus (Basalt/Coal Power). This will normalize relations with both factions at the precise point when loans may be required (500 Researchers); pursuant to Yana's Offshore Wind Park quest. Managing Tax rates is unnecessary if you plan on withdrawing loans.
  • It is possible to complete this mission in under 40 minutes by buying 250t Carbon from Prof. Devi with an additional 3 Carbon production chains (or 2 chains and a buy order). Stay conservative on Carbon at first, purchasing only 100 units. When loans become available, the rest may be acquired with ease. Make use of the Increase Demand Diplomatic feature with Dr. Devi (5 refills) before building a Warehouse, as it will cost 2k credits instead of 6k afterwards.
  • Excess Functional Food/Drinks should not be sold to Dr. Devi or additional chains may be required. Upon reaching the Genius class, all NPCs begin selling Carbon, but only in limited quantities of 10t.

Video Guide[]


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