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Sisyphus Icon Sisyphus SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Unit Type Submarine
Construction Cost Credits-icon 3500 · Building modules 20 · Carbon 25
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -60  · Ship-icon 5
HP 800
Cargo Holds 6 x 60 tons
Item Slots 0
Attack Power -/-/-

Special Ability Silent Running
Build Time 2:00
Unlock 1 Researcher

The Sisyphus is a very large transport-specialized submarine, with a respectable maximum speed when fully loaded and a decent amount of health. It is essentially a submersible Container Ship.

Though the Sisyphus cannot use any unit upgrades as it has no item slots, it comes with a passive Silent Running ability that means the 'digital visualization' of the submerged vessel is visible only to the owning player, and so a submerged Sisyphus cannot be seen by enemies searching for it on the surface map.

Fully upgraded the Sisyphus has double cargo capacity, able to carry a whopping 120x6 cargo!  Great for starting new islands, both underwater and on land.  Very useful cargo hauler. But you can increase the cargo hold of the submarine EVEN more, by having a additional 1star rarity +8% Cargo Hold upgrade which increases the cargo capacity for all ships and submarines, including the Sisyphus. This upgrade is available by making peace with Hector and buy the upgrade from him.

The Sisyphus can be useful in combat, reloading Deep Sea Hunters with combat items.


Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs
Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Sisyphus itemSpeed Sisyphus Propellor Adjustment Speed-icon: +15% Reduces water resistance drastically.

Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Sisyphus itemCapacity Sisyphus Air Compressor Storage-capacity-icon: +25% Less room for air, more for goods.

Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star smallGold star small Sisyphus itemMultiple effects Sisyphus Automized Cargo Allocation Storage-capacity-icon: +25% Speed-icon: +15% For an efficient goods storage.

Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Sisyphus itemMultiple effects Sisyphus Logistic Interface Storage-capacity-icon: +50% Speed-icon: +20% Balances inconsistencies in cargo areas automatically.


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