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Characteristics Strict, Powerful leader
Personality Passive

"My election as President of the World Council would see the beginning of an era of economic boom. Not just for one, but for all branches of industry!"
—Skylar Banes when voting on the World Council

Skylar Banes is the brilliant (as told by Rufus Thorne) lead director and chair of the board of directors of the Tycoon Organization, Global Trust. The Player can vote for her as president of the World Council.

The Tycoons' most efficient transport road, Banes Avenue, and one of the world's most prestigious schools, Banes Elite University, are named after her. On the official Soundtrack of the game, there's a track named "Skylar's Masterplan".


Skylar Banes

Director Banes, as seen in the Global Trust's introduction video

She appears in the game when the player begins to construct the Tycoon Monument (similar to Seamus Green).

After the monument is completed, she will give the player quests like the other NPCs. As a reward, she will sometimes give very powerful items to the player. Failing her quests does however not incur an influence penalty, since she does not have an influence bar or any diplomacy screen at all.

She will sometimes also send a Container Ship into the sector to trade at your warehouses.

World Council Actions[]

If she is elected as the president, the players are able to activate these actions:

  • Market Power - Causes the immediate dispatch of a Shipment to your Warehouse. Select the required Goods in your Warehouse before doing so.
Cooldown-icon Cooldown: 25:00
  • Fleet Maneuvers - Improves all Ships in this sector.
Speed-icon Speed: +25%
Attack-power-icon Attack Power: +50%
Duration-icon Duration: 45:00
Cooldown-icon Cooldown: 01:00:00
  • Industrial Power - Improves all Food and Drink Production plants in this sector.
Productivity-icon Productivity: +50%
Duration-icon Duration: 45:00
Cooldown-icon Cooldown: 01:15:00
  • Emission Trading - Improves the Ecobalance on all Islands in this sector.
Ecobal-icon Island Ecobalance: +300
Duration-icon Duration: 45:00
Cooldown-icon Cooldown: 01:30:00

Bonus Content[]

You are able to use Banes' portrait as your in-game appearance by reaching Level 9 at the Career Progression of Global Trust.


"Family? I mean really! Do you think my position leaves me any time for a personal life? A husband… children? I never had any illusions where that was concerned."
—About herself

"If I hate one thing, it is incompetence! I do not tolerate people not doing their homework properly. I must be able to trust every employee blindly."
—About herself

"I am not used to people objecting me. I am doing this job far too long to allow some college boy giving me advice. Well, maybe Rufus Thorne is an exception."
—About herself

"Global Trust must secure its position as a global market leader. Merger with other companies, smashing of competitors... these decisions must be made. That's how it is in business: eat or be eaten."
—About Global Trust

"Global Trust is the constant focus of public interest. After all, we are the biggest global corporation there is! But I still decide just what the public actually gets to see."
—About Global Trust

"I value Rufus Thorne's work. His economic acumen, his assiduousness where the company… I… am concerned. An utterly loyal employee. We work late into the night."
—About Rufus Thorne