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The Soundtrack of Anno 2070 consists of 76 songs. They are divided in two CDs: 38 on the Tycoon CD and 37 on the Eco CD. The Tech tracks are included in both CDs. One track, The Secret Formula, is not on any CD. The Deep Ocean expansion also brings five new songs.

The Soundtrack was composed by Dynamedion, just like Anno 2205, Anno 1800 and Anno 1404. One of the composers, Henning Nugel might even be part of the game as an easter egg: 'Instructions for Henning' is an item necessary to get the 'Too Good To Throw Away' achievement.

You are able to get the CDs by buying the Special Edition of Anno 2070. The Complete Edition available on Steam (and Uplay?) stores all Bonus Content in "SteamApps\common\Anno 2070\Bonus Content", including the CDs as mp3 files. You can also extract them from Data4.rda for the core game music, "and addon0.rda" for Deep Ocean. (see RDA Explorer).

Soundtrack Types[]

Some songs are soundtracks for certain situations. There are songs for bad situations, good situations, conflict with an NPC or another human player, a soundtrack for when there is a catastrophic ecobalance, and for disasters such as a tornados. There are two official soundtracks for each of the global events that have been released. There are also songs for situations such as winning, losing, and experiencing a catastrophic financial failure. Additionally, there are soundtracks for large cities that have been developed a great deal.

Each faction has also its own soundtrack, and each soundtrack is a description of that faction. Eco tracks are calm and they often promote the environment. However, tycoon tracks have a lot more sounds in it. They are often played quite fast and they promotes quick expansion and fast exploitation of the natural resources, just as the tycoon faction does. While the Tech faction does not have its own CD, many tracks from both albums represents them, and sound more techno in nature, to reflect scientific progress and technological discovery.

The same goes on for NPCs: each NPC has its own soundtrack, and each soundtrack is a description of that NPC. Even if you only know the name of a song, you will be often available to determine whose track it is. For example, Barracudas is Hector's song, because Hector is the leader of the Barracuda League.

Soundtrack List[]

16548 844536

Tycoon CD[]

  1. Grinding Teeth (Markus Schmidt)
    • Main Soundtrack of Thor Strindberg, so occurs when you've focussed on one of his islands.
    • It features a variation of the latin sequence "Dies Irae", which is usually used in films to symbolize death.
  2. Anybody Needed Anything? (Markus Schmidt)
    • Main Soundtrack of Trenchcoat, so occurs when you've focussed on his ship, the Fat Lady.
  3. Wasted Soil (Tilman Sillescu)
  4. Avoiding Morality (Jochen Flach)
  5. Collateral Damage (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs when an enemy Hawk is attempting to takeover a depot.
  6. Barracudas (Markus Schmidt)
    • Main Soundtrack of Hector, so occurs when you've focussed on his base.
  7. Defeated (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs when you have lost the game.
    • Occurs when you are in a very bad situation.
  8. Her Headache Is Gone (Tilman Sillescu)
  9. Desolation Waltz (Markus Schmidt)
  10. Dominion (Markus Schmidt)
  11. Modern Times (Markus Schmidt)
  12. Observe Your Neighbour (Tilman Sillescu)
  13. Faceless Fear (Alexander Roeder)
  14. Worlds End (Tilman Sillescu)
  15. The Black Tide (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Main Soundtrack of the Neo Skulls Crisis World Event, so occurs when you're in the NSC menu.
    • May also be played during the aftermaths of a disaster and during a Blaze.
  16. Monolith (Alexander Roeder)
    • Occurs during Global Trust's Introduction Video.
  17. Asymmetric Warefare (Markus Schmidt)
  18. Fluid Gold (Markus Schmidt)
    • Main Soundtrack of Vadim Sokow, so occurs when you've focussed on one of his islands.
  19. Global Cure (Markus Schmidt)
  20. Confidence (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs during S.A.A.T.'s Introduction Video.
  21. Follow The Stream (Alexander Roeder)
  22. Industrial Landscapes (Markus Schmidt)
  23. The Ebashi Trench Mystery (Tilman Sillescu)
  24. Drowning Memories (Alexander Roeder)
  25. The City Never Sleeps (Jochen Flach)
  26. Drone Predators (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Naval combat theme.
  27. Phoenix Rising (Alexander Roeder)
  28. Sweating Bullets (Markus Schmidt)
  29. Programmed to Rejoice (Alexander Roeder)
  30. Skylars Masterplan (Markus Schmidt)
  31. Scorched Earth (Tilman Sillescu)
  32. The Final Hour (Alexander Roeder)
  33. The Old World Order (Markus Schmidt)
  34. There Is Blood On Her Hands (Jochen Flach)
    • Main Soundtrack of Keto, so occurs when you've focussed on her ship, the Anaconda.
    • Main Soundtrack of the Conquest Mode, so occurs when you're in the CM menu.
  35. The Signal (Tilman Sillescu)
  36. Civilian Casualties (Jochen Flach)
    • Naval combat theme.
  37. Where Are My Sleeping Pills? (Alexander Roeder)
  38. God Smiles (English Vocals) (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Alternative version of the first track (God Smiles) of the Main Menu. Not available in game.

16548 175627

Eco CD[]

  1. Project Earth (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs when the game is loading.
  2. Untamed (Alexander Roeder)
  3. A First Bridgehead (Tilman Sillescu)
  4. Cascading Colors (Tilman Sillescu)
  5. Growing Seeds (Markus Schmidt)
  6. Walking Barefoot (Tilman Sillescu)
  7. Forces Of Nature (Alexander Roeder)
  8. A New Beginning (Jochen Flach)
  9. God Smiles (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs as the first track in the Main Menu.
    • Occurs during the Credits.
  10. Earth Sleeps (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs as the second track in the Main Menu.
  11. Daydreaming in a Parking Lot (Alexander Roeder)
  12. Every Ending Needs A Beginning (Tilman Sillescu)
  13. The Diva Performs Tonight (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs when you have a well developed city.
  14. Inside the Womb (Alexander Roeder)
  15. The Last Sanctuary (Markus Schmidt)
    • Occurs during E.V.E.'s Introduction Video.
  16. Lifelines (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Main Soundtrack of Leon Moreau, occurs when looking at his buildings.
  17. Seamus And The Secret Of Life (Tilman Sillescu)
  18. Closer To God (Tilman Sillescu)
  19. We Will Carry You (Tilman Sillescu)
  20. Power Nap (Tilman Sillescu)
  21. Our Borrowed Time (Alexander Roeder)
  22. Perfect Order (Markus Schmidt)
  23. Sheltered (Alexander Roeder)
  24. A Future Named Hope (Tilman Sillescu)
  25. Release (Alexander Roeder)
  26. Distant Shore (Alexander Roeder)
    • Occurs when you are in a very good condition.
    • Occurs during The Eden Project Introduction Video.
  27. Slumbering Hillside (Tilman Sillescu)
  28. There Is Light Below (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs when you are under water.
  29. Rest your Head (Alexander Roeder)
  30. Victorious (Jochen Flach)
    • Occurs when you have won the game.
    • Occurs in the Pause Menu.
  31. Surely Dr. Devi Knows (Tilman Sillescu)
  32. Tumbling Raindrops (Alexander Roeder)
    • Occurs in an urban area.
  33. An Elderly Woman Speaks (Tilman Sillescu)
  34. A Helping Hand (Tilman Sillescu)
  35. World Beneath The Surface (Markus Schmidt)
    • Occurs when you are under water.
  36. What A Glorious View (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Occurs during one of the trailers.
    • Occurs during Eden Initiative's Introduction Video.
  37. God Smiles (Italian Vocals) (Tilman Sillescu)
    • Alternative version of the first track (God Smiles) of the Main Menu. Not available in game.
    • Although the title says Italian Vocals, the song is sung in Latin.

Not on any CD[]

  1. The Secret Formula
    • Main Soundtrack of Hiro Ebashi, so occurs when you've focussed on E.T.O..

Deep Ocean (Techs)[]

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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
  1. Men Dream of Being Kings (Alexander Roeder)
  2. Grasping at Straws (Alexander Roeder)
  3. Optimized Minds (Alexander Roeder)
  4. This is Neurotransmission (Alexander Roeder)
  5. My Self Renewal (Alexander Roeder)

Sheet Music[]

Looking to get the sheet music for these tracks? Berrymore84 has arranged two songs for piano: God Smiles and Distant Shore.