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Statistics Center icon Statistics Center EVE
Construction Cost Credits-icon7.500 · Building Modules 30 · Tools 20
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -5 ·  Balance -250 · Energy -15
Size 6x6
Hitpoints 1500
Unlock By completing Confidence-building Measures - 1 Tycoon / Eco Employee

See also: Player Statistics.

The Statistics Center is a unique building, featured in the Global Distrust World Event. It becomes accessible after completion of the Confidence-building Measures mission. This building provides constant monitoring of all economic, infrastructure and military elements of the game, both island-wide and global simultaneously. There is also a DLC analogue of this building called Central Statistics designed in Global Trust style.

Statistics Screens[]

The statistics center features seven different statistics screens providing various information to player. On any of these screens at the left side there are always information about total Ecobalance and energy, both global and island-wide.



This screen shows to player total amount of basic game resources:

It also shows total amount of time spent playing this game.



This screen shows global financial statement and trade history.

The first section displays players Tax income and all maintenance costs for buildings, vehicle and military units, as well as the total balance.

The second section provides information about every trade deal, global or made directly at island chosen, an amount of goods traded as well as an amount of credits earned or spent during this operation.



This screen displays various information about goods production:

  • The number of goods inside storages at this moment and an overall storage capacity for this goods.
  • The number of buildings, producing every type of goods.
  • The effectiveness of these buildings, allowing a player to quickly check this important characteristic if necessary.
  • Total maintenance, energy and Ecobalance costs of these buildings.



This screen shows information about every type of inhabitants, settled by player, as well as an information about:

  • Happiness, determined mostly by satisfaction of their needs and taxes, set by the player.
  • Amount of residences of each type of citizens.
  • Amount of inhabitants settled and a maximum number allowed to settle at his time, depending strictly from an amount of residences.
  • Total Tax income from each type of citizens.



This screen shows information about various buildings constructed by player, their quantity, effectiveness and maintenance costs. These types of buildings are:



This screen displays information about all player's military, trade and aircraft units. As well as their:

  • Hit points, allowing a player to quickly find damaged units and repair them.
  • Maintenance costs.
  • Unit limit costs for each unit.



This last screen displays information about player's game score in graphic form. The total score at the end of the game will depend of:


These upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy by completing the other Distrustmissions.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small Icon 30 111Upkeep cost Data trap Maintenance: -20% N/A

Ark Item Gold star small Icon 30 111Energy cost Recovery cells Energy: -30% N/A

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Icon 30 111Multiple effects Energy renovation Maintenance: -20% Energy: -30% N/A


If one looks closely at the scrolling text on the side of the Tycoon-themed Statistics center you can find various basic goods such as Gold ore and Junkfood. There are also more comedic goods listed such as flying cars, "Useless Stuff" and "Cyberstuffz"