Sub-pen-icon Submarine Base SAAT logo
Submarine Base
Construction Cost Credits-icon1,030 · Building modules 10 · Tools 8 · Carbon 8
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -3 ·  Balance-icon -15 · Energy-icon -7
Size 4x6
Hitpoints 2500
Produces Submarine-slot-icon from Building modules and/or Carbon and/or High-tech weapons
Unlock 50 Lab Assistants
The Submarine Base is a Tech Building that allows the player to build Submarines. The following Submarines can be built:
  • T38 Ocean Glider - The basic submarine.
  • Deep Sea Hunter - The only submarine with a direct attack in the game.
  • Orca - Can launch a single mid-range missile every 45 minutes.
  • Erebos - A Tycoon version of the Orca. Operationally identical.
  • Sisyphus - A very large submarine that can carry many goods underwater. Deep Ocean expansion required.

Like the Eco and Tycoon shipyards, the Submarine Base has double the upkeep if it is producing a Vehicle.