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The four buildable Submarines of the basic game.

Submarines are submersible vehicles that can explore seaways, discover new trading partners and transport goods from one island to the next.

Submarines can float on the surface, where they act like normal ships. They can also dive down to colonise undersea plateaus. Unlike Ships they can also service underwater trade routes.

Classes of Submarines[]

There are several classes of submarines, each with their own unique purpose. Just like Ships they are divided into trade ships and warships.

Trade Ships[]



There are several ways to obtain submarines:

  • They can be built at the Techs' Submarine Base;
  • They can be bought from Hiro Ebashi;
  • Calling in an Auxiliary Fleet from Professor Dr. Salman Devi;
  • Hijacking one from an other player;
  • Once you have purchased the Tech blueprints at your Ark, you can get a T38 for 5000 Credits, which can be replaced if it is destroyed for the same price (like the Commando Ship).