Trimaran-ocean-glider-icon T38 Ocean Glider SAAT logo
Ship 03
Unit Type Submarine
Construction Cost Credits-icon 4,000 · Building modules 10 · Carbon 30
Maintenance Cost Balance-icon -45  · Ship-icon 5
HP 400
Cargo Holds 4 x 40 tons
Item Slots 2
Attack Power –/–/–

Special Ability Dive; EMP
Build Time 1:45
Unlock 50 Lab Assistants

The T38 Ocean Glider is one of the five submarines the game offers. The T38 is unarmed, but is useful in colonizing undersea plateaus or as a submersible cargo ship. It is also useful for scanning underwater objects for quests. It is also the second fastest ship after the Eco Hovercraft.

Upon unlocking Techs by reaching Eco Engineers or Tycoon Engineers and paying 10.000 credits, a single T38 is made available for purchase at your Ark at the price of 5000 credits. If this submarine is destroyed, E.V.E. will notify you that another T38 can be purchased at your Ark.

The T38 is standard equipped with an EMP, which is very useful against large enemy fleets when you have limited forces such as defending against Ketos first strike. The EMP can disable both air and underwater targets, regardless of whether the T38 is surfaced or submerged. In the Deep Ocean expansion you can use the silent running device to make the Trimaran even more dangerous.


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Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark-icon Gold star small T 38 Ocean Glider itemSpeed T 38 Ocean Glider Engine modernization Speed-icon: +15% Super cavitation upgrade.

Ark-icon Gold star small T 38 Ocean Glider itemCapacity T 38 Ocean Glider Cargo capacity revision Storage-capacity-icon: +25% Increased Storage capacity modules.

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star small T 38 Ocean Glider itemMultiple effects T 38 Ocean Glider Cargo transport customization Storage-capacity-icon: +25% Speed-icon: +15% Repeal of the tonnage limitation.

Ark-icon Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small T 38 Ocean Glider itemMultiple effects T 38 Ocean Glider Logistic specification Storage-capacity-icon: +50% Speed-icon: +20% Cargo Trimaran classification.

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