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The Eden Project

The Eden Project

The Eden Project is the second global event. It was released along with the 1.03 patch on February 2012. Its official soundtrack is A First Bridgehead.

Players, working with the Eden Initiative will visit various sectors to repair the broken "Former" technologies, which are efficient air and water filtration systems. Players will be contending with factions associated with Global Trust in the 2nd and 3rd mission, including Vadim Sokow and Thor Strindberg.


Anno 2070 - World Event Project Eden

Also, while AI players will rarely settle islands with broken formers (forcing you to claim the island using military force) they will do this if there are no unclaimed islands left.


The Eden Former

This event features a new enviromental relic: the Eden Former, which positively influences an island's ecology balance giving it +250 ecology points. This, in turn, makes every farm very efficient, working at 147%, without any additional maintenance costs, and it is obvious how useful this technology can be.

The event includes 3 missions: