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Single Missions iconDeepOceanOverlay The Future of Research Medium
The Future of Research
Put yourself in a Scientist's shoes and build a potent research Metropolis.
Objectives Settle 2500 Geniuses; build a Science Forum; develop a valuable technology

Focus Development, Research
NPCs Professor Dr. Salman Devi, Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Trenchcoat, Dr. Tori Bartok, Hiro Ebashi
Multiplayer not possible

The Future of Research is one of the three new single missions in the Deep Ocean expansion.

Difficulty: Medium (Gold starGold star)



  • ChAch "For the future" achievement at your player's profile.
  • 100 Career Points (you can determine for which faction you will use it)


You are not able to change the mission parameters or objectives. You are not able to play this mission with other (human) players.

Future of Research fertilities

Map with the more important fertilities (click to enlarge)


  • Either starting faction will work, however Tycoons have an advantage due to cheap land based access to coal and oil for carbon and kerosene production chains. There are also uranium containing islands in the SE corner of the map that can support multiple nuclear power plants.
  • All Starting Positions (except for Hibashi) are randomised, while the map (and fertility) is not.
  • Note that of the three possible Starting Islands, the upper one has River/Sand for concrete/microchips/glass, the right one has both River/Sand and a Hydro Plant slot, while the left one has neither.
  • If you settle more than 8 islands, Tori will present you an ultimatum.The objectives can be completed with 8 islands or less, which will allow you to remain at peace with Tori. If you do plan to remain peaceful, you should settle all the islands and underwater plateaus that you will need as soon as possible, to prevent Tori from settling them first.
  • There is no need to go past engineer level of your starting faction, unless you need more tax income, or want the tier 4 technologies. Be wary though, that once you reach genius level, you will have crime in your cities, and you require executives to build police stations.

Video Walkthrough[]

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin