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Single Missions icon The Jorgensen Plateau Easy
The Jorgensen Plateau
The rise in the sea level has meant that numerous high plateaus have now become a group of larger, flatter islands. Some of these islands have been recently discovered and settled by Tilda Jorgensen. She warmly welcomes anyone who wants to found new Settlements on the abundant space available.
Objectives Settle 2,500 Executives

Focus Development, large Construction area
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Professor Dr. Salman Devi, Trenchcoat, Tilda Jorgensen, Hiro Ebashi
Multiplayer possible

In the Jorgensen Plateau, the parameters of this game are simple, reach said number of executives of the faction you chose at the start of the mission. The game is played as a continuous one, with the single expanding NPC of Tilda Jorgensen. The settings of this game cannot be edited, as it is a mission. Upon successful completion, player gains 50 career points with any faction they choose.

Difficulty: Easy (Gold star)

Main Objective[]

  • Settle 2,500 Executives


While playing the mission, the interactions basically set in Continuous Mode are also available. The player can purchase S.A.A.T. construction plans after reaching the Engineer class, and the player may also continue the game after reaching the set number of Executives needed to win. Tilda is also very fond of your presence in the sector. She will ask you if she may settle another island (20 relations points if you agree, you will not lose influence if you disagree), and she will congratulate you for a slow growth rate (10 relations each time she tells you this). However, she will take away 15 relations points if you expand "too rapidly" in her view.

Video Walkthrough[]

Video Walkthrough by YouTube user Leafonthewin