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Ebashi Trench

The Secret of the Ebashi Trench is the fifth World Event. It takes place in a remote location with only Hiro Ebashi and Prof. Devi, however Trenchcoat does visit the sector frequently. Hiro has thought up a plan for a geothermic power plant in the underwater trenches where he sets up his bases. Hiro asks S.A.A.T. to help him develop the plant and then Prof. Devi asks the player to take care of the mundane tasks of building up a workforce. During all three missions both Hiro Ebashi and Prof. Devi will give you quests related to the mission, but these can be ignored and won't reward anything special other than credits and/or licenses, and sometimes items.


Anno2070 The Secret Of The Ebahi Trench Intro

The intro to The Secret Of The Ebashi Trench World Event

Mission 1: Initial Findings[]

Inital findings
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In the first mission the player has to house 50 Lab Assistants and bring 15t Carbon and 15t Functional Food to Prof. Devi, who in turn gives you "Nanoscopic Materials Structure" which you have to deliver to Hiro Ebashi.

Mission 2: A Major Advance[]

Major advance
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In the second mission the player has to build up a new city and to create six modules for Prof. Devi: 2 Filtration Plants, 2 Generators and 2 Worker Drones (because of the Worker Drones you have to get at least 1 Researcher living in your town). When delivered, Prof. Devi will give you "Nanoscopic Materials Structure" which you yet again have to deliver to Ebashi. 

Mission 3: The Decisive Breakthrough[]

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In the final mission the assembly of a full scale prototype begins. The player has to settle 2000 researchers in yet another city, as well as developing "Nanoscopic Materials Structure" in the Academy. Developing the Nanoscopic Materials Structure requires 5 Generators, 5 Filtration Plants, 2 Control Modules and 5 Motors. Finally the Nanoscopic Materials Structure must be delivered to Hiro Ebashi. Both Hiro and Devi will notify you that the prototype was successful, however, you won't be able to see it. Completing this mission rewards you the title Researcher.