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Bonus Missions icon The long way there Medium
The Eden Formers turned out to be huge blow to Global Trust. Many of the firm's partners cancel their contracts and invest in the promising new environmental technology instead. It is up to you to prove that conventional industry is still competitive.
Objectives Reach 3000 Tycoon Engineers
Do not allow your Ecobalance to drop below -50 at any time (for longer than 3 minutes)
Focus Development, Ecobalance
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi, Hiro Ebashi, Dr. Tori Bartok
Multiplayer available

The long way there is the first bonus mission of the Crisis Response package. You have been ordered to build a Tycoon Metropolis without affecting the Ecobalance in this sector.

Difficulty: Medium

Main Objective[]

The long way there

Prove that Global Trust is still number one, even when they have to integrate environment-friendly measures into the way they work!

  • ▶ Never let your Islands' Ecobalance fall under the following value for longer than three minutes: -50
  • ▶ Settle:
    • Tycoon Engineer Tycoon Engineers 0/3000
      in this sector.

Rufus Thorne icon "Since the introduction of the Formers, our business partners have begun placing more emphasis on environmental protection. Prove that we can be successful at eco-friendly!"

  • Reward:
  • Challenge Achievement Achievement: "There we go!"

Note: The -50 Ecobalance requirement applies to each inhabited island.

Primary Quest[]

Ultimatum icon Time Limit: 3:00Last Chance

Fulfill the following requirements in order to avoid having the mission fail:

  • ▶ Accomplish the following in [City Name]:
    • Ecobalance:-51/-50

Rufus Thorne icon "What are you doing? Didn't you understand my instructions? "

Secondary Quests[]

Note: On occasion, Dr. Bartok will fail to accept delivery of a quest item, permanently. It is recommended never to deliver more than 1 quest item a time, with 2 cargo spaces remaining, to prevent this from happening.

The following quest is made available after constructing a Distillery [needs verification]:

Delivery Time Limit: 30:00DELIVERY
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Dr. Bartok's Warehouse:
    • Granules 20t Granules

Tori Bartok icon "Global Trust and concern for something? Well, as long as it means deals this good for S.A.A.T. ... "

  • Reward:
  • Liquor itemEco cost 1 Cooling distillation column
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence

The following quests are made available after advancing to the Employee class [needs verification]:

Delivery Time Limit: 30:00DELIVERY
  • ▶ Deliver the following Goods to the marked Ship:
    • Liquor 15t Liquor

Tori Bartok icon "I have something here which could help you and your Ecobalance! But can you first help me with a little bottleneck... "

  • Reward:
  • Biopolymers itemEco cost 1 Recyclable elastomers
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence

Race Time Limit: 30:00RACE
  • ▶ Pick up the Delivery from Dr. Bartok's Warehouse.
  • ▶ Bring the deliveries to the locations designated on your Minimap, before your competitors get there.

Tori Bartok icon "I have something here which could help you and your Ecobalance! But can you have to do me a favor! "

  • Reward:
  • Energy generation ResearchEco cost 1 Toxin testing
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence

The following quest is made available after constructing a Food Supply Factory:

Delivery Time Limit: 30:00DELIVERY
Dinner for two
  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Dr. Bartok's Warehouse:
    • Meat 10t Meat
    • Super flavor 5t Super flavor

Tori Bartok icon "If you invest in this research, the results will help you eat healthier!"

  • Reward:
  • Convenience Food itemEco cost 1 Dye-free preparation
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence

The following quest is made available after advancing to the Engineering class:

Picture Puzzle Time Limit: 30:00PICTURE PUZZLE
  • ▶ Someone is wanted in your city [City Name].
    • Find: 4 Architects
    • People: 0/4
  • ▶ Deliver the following to Dr. Bartok's Warehouse:
    • 4 Architects

Tori Bartok icon "Your people can also learn something from our course on the subject of ecological construction."

  • Reward:
  • Energy generation ResearchEco cost 1 Toxin disposal
  • Diplomacy icon 10 Influence


Global Trust (Tycoons)[]

Until Deacidification Stations and Waste Compactors are available, the optimal Island layout will be as follows (Sand/Concrete, Convenience Food and Plastics should be doubled later, in that order):

  • Main Island (North of Ark, -50 Ecobalance): 6 Basalt Crushers/Smelters, 1 Coal Mine, 1 Power Station, 4/6 Fisheries and 4/6 Distilleries (place the Warehouse near the mine on the right and the City Center North of the river).
  • Tools/Sand Island (North East, -50 Ecobalance): 2 Coal Mines, 2 Iron Ore Mines, 1 Power Station, 2 Iron Smelters, 4 Tools Workshops, 1 Sand Extractor and 1 Shipyard (place the Warehouse near the river so 2 Sand nodes can be harvested).
  • Burgers/Concrete Island (South, -50 Ecobalance): 1 Coal Mine, 1 Power Station, 2 Limestone Quarries, 2 Concrete Factories, 2 Flavor Labs, 4 Meat Factories and 2 Food Supply Factories.
  • Plastics Island (South West, -49 Ecobalance): 1 Coal Mine, 1 Power Station, 6 Oil Drillers, 2 Refineries and 2 Plastics Factories.
  • Alternative Islands: If the North Eastern (Tools/Sand) Island is occupied by Dr. Tori Bartok (instead of North Western), then all of the Islands must be shifted clockwise; the Southern Island becomes Tools/Sand, the South Western Island becomes Burgers/Concrete, and the North Western Island becomes Plastics. The Island to the North should be avoided in either case, even though it contains the necessary resources, because it leads to an inefficient production chain and increases the need for micromanagement.
Recommended Structures (Tycoons):
2Tyco-ctr-icon 3Casino-icon 2Ministry-truth-icon 0Financial-ctr-icon
50Tyco-res-icon 80Tyco-res-icon 120Tyco-res-icon 0Tyco-res-icon
400 Workers 1200 Employs 3000 Engs 0 Execs
6Building modules 4Tools 4Concrete 0Steel
10.2Fish 14.9Liquor 6.3Convenience Food 4.8Plastics

Warehouse Upgrades[]

Several quests offer the following Warehouse upgrades. It is advisable to complete these quests or -50 Ecobalance cannot be maintained with an optimal layout, unless importing Coal. Other quests do not need to be completed unless you are lacking resources.

  • Cooling Distillation Column (-25% Distillery eco effect): Main Island
  • Dye-Free Preparation (-25% Food Supply Factory eco effect): Burgers Island
  • Recyclable Elastomers (-25% Plastic Factory eco effect): Plastics Island
  • Toxin Testing (-10% Tycoon energy building eco effect): Main Island, then Burgers Island
  • Toxin Disposal (-20% Tycoon energy building eco effect): Main Island, then Plastics Island

Without these upgrades only 3/4 Distilleries will be supported (instead of 4/6), until Waste Compactors can be constructed, and a third Deacidification Station will need to be built.


  • Colonize at least 3/4 Islands to make full use of each island's -50 Ecobalance limit.
  • Place buy orders conservatively at first, due to the limited amount of Credits supplied for this mission (do not order Building Modules from the Ark). Only purchase the necessary materials from NPCs to get Bricks, Tools and Concrete production running. Otherwise, you may run out of Credits before you can build Convenience Food and Plastics chains.
  • Continue to build additional housing units in between construction phases with any remaining Building Modules in order to maintain a positive net income. Place buy orders for Bricks/Tools/Concrete more aggressively once income is no longer a concern.
  • Disable Convenience Food and Plastics consumption on Engineer structures, when upgrading Employees, or 4 Factories may be insufficient; 6 and 5 are recommended. Enable it later, especially after 120+ Engineer Apartments are built, to increase their population.
  • 20t of Steel will be required to build 2 Deacidification Stations, for the Plastics and Food Islands, which can be bought from Rufus Thorne directly.
  • You can avoid building a second Deacidification Station on the Plastics Island by moving the Toxin Disposal upgrade from the Main Island. -50 Ecobalance can still be maintained on the Main Island if 2 Waste Compactors are built and it has only the above mentioned Public Buildings, 1 Coal Mine, 3 Power Stations, 6 Basalt Crushers/Smelters and 15 Fisheries/Distilleries. A second Coal Mine does not need to be built when placing the third Power Station (at any Island), as the accumulated supplies should last or can be imported. Alternatively, a third Waste Compactor may be built, if required.
  • Do NOT build population centers on every Island. That is inefficient beyond measure.

Video Guide[]


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