• It's already a long time ago I uploaded some quotes of NPCs. But here I am with the fourth chapter: Prof. Dr. Salman Devi. And he certainly knows more than you would expect...

    "I know Rufus Thorne. An ambitious man! Result-orientated, stubborn. We have often worked together very successfully, Global Trust and S.A.A.T., that is... always to serve Science, you understand."

    "Wasn't there some controversy surrounding Rodriguez? Didn't she infiltrate the Eden Initiative to bring down the organization? I was too busy to follow the story at the time; it turned out be a false alarm. Or was it?"

    "In times like these even the science council of S.A.A.T. has to roll out the red carpet for the Barracuda League for negotiation. Though an intellectual discourse with this barbarian Hector is doomed to fail in the first place."

    "Ebashi-san conceals his knowledge from us, maintaining that the world isn't ready for it yet. A tad presumptuous, don't you think? I mean, what is he supposed to have discovered down there in his observatory?"
    —Yes ladies and gentlemen, this was said before the fifth World Event.

    "When I discovered Tori's talent she was still a child, but she soon outstripped her contemporaries intellectually. I knew immediately that she would be a huge asset to S.A.A.T. And I was proven right."

    "Pathetic how this Strindberg wallows in self-pity because of what happened at Plant 13. I also dislike it when experiments fail, but giving up because of that? He just has to learn to cope with failure."

    "Keto constantly updates her arsenal with S.A.A.T. equipment. It may be macabre, but she is one of our best advertising vehicles."

    "Tilda Jorgensen maintains that she can trace her family tree back to the 15th century, but looking at the historical evidence, I can hardly imagine there's much in her genetic make-up for her to be proud of."
    —You're right, prof. I never liked Leif that much...

    "I have to admit, this Trenchcoat would be an interesting study subject. He does not follow any rules of society, but still he can exist in it. But him being on and off the map all the time makes an empiric investigation impossible..."

    "Did you know, that Leon Moreau has been working for Global Trust not too long ago? You are surprised now, aren't you? Well, there have been examples like this in psychology before: People making traumatic experiences becoming a completely different person."
    —This is true. Leon Moreau has once said to me that "that terrible accident at the Nuclear Power Plant" made him change his life.

    "It was a big mistake to give Vadim Sokow the exclusive right for this special drill head. S.A.A.T. has classified this technology too pessimistically it seems..."

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