• Hi everyone,

    my friends are about to buy anno2070,so I started to looking for everythink thats related to multiplayer,and I've found some informations about mentors.

    My question is:How can I reach these players?

    Thanks in advance

    (apropó:tud valaki magyarul?/By the way:is there anyone,who speaks hungarian?)

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    • You can find mentors by clicking the "Find players" in your Contact Menu. Hit the "look for mentors" button, and you will find any available online mentors. Unfortunaley, not many are willing to answer any questions you may have about the game, so I recommend that you either start a discussion related to multiplayer or find one or more mentors that you can rely on that they will answer any questions you may have concerning the game. Personally Im allways ready to help, so dont hesitate to contact me in the Game Chat when your online or tell your friends to do so ;)...

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    • thank you :)

      beware,I take your word :D

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    • Beware that I take my title as a mentor seriously ;), let me know if you need any help.

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    • Sorry it took so long, I hope you are out there and fine. ;) I've refund 4 new addicted :'D

      With my closest friend I'd really love to play against 'foreign' players. We'd also like to test the co-op mode. If anyone is interested, I'm online (most times) on friday at about UTC 20:45 (I'm in time zone UTC +1 Europe)

      I think that one thing this wikia could develope is multiplayer occasions :) it'd bring people closer while spreading the word about the site ;)

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    • Hello Laki I am still playing if you are looking for some foreign player. I can join for some multiplayer games. Your ingame nick is same like here?

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    • Thank you for your response, Friday and Saturday evenings would be best for us, if that's okay for you. My contact is, pls drop me an e-mail

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    • Mail:

      I am from Czech Republic in Europe Friday and Saturday good for me too.

      Ingame Nickname: Niblheim

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    • A FANDOM user
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