• I'm extremely confused about building vehicles, and yes, I first read every wiki page I could find about it. I need to build a Viper to continue my current mission, and it's not happening.

    When I hover over the Viper button in my shipyard, beside the Fleet icon, there is a red 7. For that matter, beside every fleet icon for every ship in my shipyard, the number is red, even as low as 3. I have 152 Workers and 185 Lab Assistants, so according to the table on the Residences wiki page (Population and Unit Cap subsection) that should be more than enough. What is happening here?

    Also, I was finally able to click on the Viper button and have something happen (despite the red 7). Now the button is slightly greyed with a large 1 over it, and it says "Time to completion: 1:20". The problem is, it's probably been at least 30 minutes since I clicked this, and the time hasn't changed. I also don't see anything happening. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    • (That was me, above)

      I should note that I only have 2 other ships, that the bottom of the shipyard interface shows my fleet at 10/11 (where did the 10 come from?!?), and that all the other requirements to build the Viper are in green.

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    • Build more houses, get more people. The more people, the larger fleet you can have. Either that or destroy some ships you don't need.

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    • I have the same issue. I would like to know requirements, as I don't know how many houses I need for this. Also, delete button will not destroy my ships and there is no other way to remove them...

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    • i was having the same issue, same mission. you likely have done the same thing i did... sure you have enough population... problem is, they are all techs. you need ecos to build the viper. the game doesnt do the best job explaining you have to have a population of the race to build their stuff...

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