• it is possible to  add more fertility and more resources on the islands. i would like to change it from 4 to 8 seeds,or crops ,and add more resources  as well

    what file should i be using, Anno 2170

    any help will be appreciated.

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    • The number of fertilities is fixed on every island, but sometimes you can choose one of the fertilities by planting seeds, that you can buy from NPC. This is indicated by a "question mark - fertility"

      The resources or also known as raw materials can be refilled using appropriate warehouse Items a.k.a. refillers. See Laboratory Modules. In Deep Ocean Expansion You can make even more powerful refillers. A type of resource however cannot be added or removed from an island so they are fixed.

      There is also the another "fertility" of the farms (productivity) which can be affected via ecobalance status.

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    • I am talking about changing the value using RDA explorer,

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    • >K2DO

      I understand your question about the resources and seeds, I just began to dig around and altering the game code. If I stumble upon the answer to your question I will post a reply ASAP. There is just a butt load of coding, and the <Tags> anno decides to use is anyone's good quess.

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    • Thanks for the reply,i have tried different files in different locations still no success.

      This is a magnificent game, if only I get to increase the number of seeds I can plant. i don't think the way it is now is enough,

      if I find the correct file i will be glad to post it as well.

      Thank you.

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    • Okay I believe I have figured it out. Atleast the sown seeds part. I will upload my data and steps in just a moment.

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    • Okay, I went through and did a scan throughout the XML files of each Data, Patches, etc.

      So far I found one set of values I can edit.

      I found them in Patch6.rda


      I didn't have the seed list so I went with the seed sowing option.

      This is the code I added in

      <FertilitySets><Name>Main Plenty River</Name>  (I believe this is the option you choose in game settings in the actual game)

      <i><Fertility>Wildcard</Fertility> (this is the question mark option letting you research other seeds from techs.)

      You will see the other fertilies listed, it was a pain but i added like 4-6 to each FertilitySet Group

      I'm sure you can replace the Wildcard with the seed name, I just used techs to research the seeds, I verfied that only one question mark will show on the interface but if you move your mouse over the island in the mini map you will see 4-6 question marks.

      Also I'm not 100% but for good reason I backed up the orginal XML and copied the modified one into

      Patch6.rda as well as addon0.rda

      the RDAs are almost Identical.

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    • Thanks for the updates,i think you got exactlly what i was looking for,

      The same file(randommapgenerator.xml) is used in patch1,patch5,patch6,and patch8 addon0.rda, and addon1.rda they look identical like you said.

      when i used patch 6 it didnt work for me, so i tried addon0.rda, it didn't work then i tired addon1.rda and it  worked.

      you are correct regarding <Fertility>Wildcard</Fertility> this is the question mark you see during the game play, i adde around 8 <i><Fertility>Wildcard</Fertility>

      on each map
      2014-02-22 1818

      started a new game when i move the mouse pointer on each island, there

      are 8 question marks  "????????"

      each question mark =one seed. see the picture .

      i added uranium and oil on each island as well and its seems to be working.

      I will make a video and post a link here. once i figure out how to tweek better.

      Thanks again for your outstanding help,
      2014-02-22 1819
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    • can you show me the actual file so I can see what you did and what i can do to make these changes.

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    • can you show me the file that you edited so i can see the changes you made so i know where to go for this too

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    • Hi ,

      i will make a video and post it in youtube soon,

      the file i edited was randommapgenerator.xml this file is under addon0.rda , you need RDA explorer to open this file then find randommapgenerator.xml ,export it to desktop , make  the change then import it back and over write the change

      unfortunatelly im unable to upload randommapgenerator.xml  it wont let me ,

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    • I found the file. using RDA Explorer i exported it and made my changes. I cant seem to figure out how to Import it back.

      Ill be paitently waiting your youtube video. :)

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    • Hi ,

      i just uploaded a quick video on you tube, go a check it out, i will make a better one when i have some time today

      just follow it and let me know if you have any quesiotns


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    • Is there any posibility for editing map you already play? I would like to add oil fertility to one of my islands, nothing more.

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    • I can't be 100 % sure, but i think i did accidently try  it, and it worked. , i edited randommapgenerator.xml file  and load save game . Again i can't be sure about that, please dont quot me on this...., you need to backup the randommapgenerator.xml before you try it ,just in case the game crashes .

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    • Ty so much on the answer! I made a backup and edited random map generator but it didnt work, I will try again today. If you have any other sugestion feel free to post it.

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