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Tilda Jorgensen icon Tilda Jorgensen the Cooperative

Characteristics Conservative, Eco-friendly
Personality Passive
Diplomatic Actions Declare War, Lobbying, Repair Service, Price Dumping, License Trading, Demand Credits
Influence Factors +Not being in war, having slow settlement growth, completing quests for others or your residents
-Having fast settlement growth, settling many islands
"I used to have lots of possessions and was convinced that I needed them all. But believe me, when you have to make everything you think you need yourself, you soon realize just how much you really don't need!"
—Tilda Jorgensen

Matilda "Tilda" Jorgensen is the easiest AI in Anno 2070. She is a part of the Eco faction, and the leader of the Cooperative. Her nickname is The Benefactress.


"My ancestor Leif must have felt this way hundreds of years ago!"
—Tilda Jorgensen

One of her ancestors is Leif Jorgensen, the easygoing bard from Anno 1404. The Anno 1404 Wiki describes him as following: "This young minstrel is more annoying than threatening". Anno 1701 also had a character named Hendrik Jorgensen and yes, he was one of the easiest NPCs in the game. Tilda however never talks of him.

Tilda Jorgensen doesn't appear in the Campaign.



A typical City for Tilda

Tilda Jorgensen will always ask for your permission before expanding, and will sometimes offer you up to 500 licenses for permission. Refusing her request doesn't make her mad and you lose no influence for doing so. She is your closest ally in your sector and will respect your choice. She will ask again though, usually offering licenses after being denied. She will not usually expand right away after being given permission, but considers the permission granted even if she asks again before actually settling anywhere. Her islands enjoy increased ecobalance.

Tilda does not like the player having many Nuclear Power Plants, and will give the player an ultimatum to demolish them so there are no more than 4 in the entire sector. As all other ultimatums, failing to comply with her demand will result in war. It once was written on this page that she will only give this ultimatum when she's on hard. However, after closer research, it appears she was set on "Easy" in the save file where this ultimatum were discovered. This means she is just as aggressive about nuclear power plants like Leon Moreau is, but only slightly nicer. You are able to avoid this ultimatum by not building nuclear power plants on populated islands. As Tilda doesn't have any agreements that protect against war, you will either have to fulfill the demands, or face declaration of war.

An advantage of having her in game is that she provides an easy source of Copper which is most essential for making Communicators for your Eco population. Tip: produce Fish on one of your non populated islands and sell it to her for 7 credits a ton and buy copper in return for 6 credits a ton. This is very helpful when you have a large Eco population and not enough Copper Mines to run all your Chip Factories. Supplement tip: the Copper / Fish exchange tip with Tilda works great until you unlock the underwater Electronics Recycler (tech 600 Researchers). Even then she will sometimes reward you with +5 influence for the trade.

Tilda produces ships slowly. Paradoxically, she produces ships slower when set to Hard difficulty than when she is set to Easy difficulty. When shooting for the Too Good To Throw Away achievement, it is recommended that you set her to Easy and let her settle multiple islands.

Interaction with other NPCs[]

Tilda does not like Hector and enjoys seeing you destroy his ships. She will get angry if you make peace with him. On medium difficulty she will sometimes declare war on Hector if she has a navy. This will back-fire on her if Hector happens to be set to "Hard" forcing the player to either defend her ports, kill Hectors ships en-route, or let her ports be destroyed.

As Tilda has empathy for Hiro Ebashi, she'd like you to increase your influence with him.

Tilda also doesn't like Thor Strindberg, though she wont declare war on him for that. She will however demand that you cease trading with him on a regular basis, and otherwise ask you to stay away from him. Doing so will earn you up to 40 influence points with Tilda.


Tilda is the easiest NPC to get along with, it actually takes more effort to keep your influence with her down rather than up. She likes you settling her islands (she likes cooperation), going to war with Hector and destroying his ships, staying out of wars altogether, expanding slow and steady, completing quests for your citizens and making peace with Leon Moreau.

She doesn't like you expanding very quickly, making peace with Hector, having too many Nuclear Power Plants in the sector, going to war against Leon Moreau and destroying his units (you lose 15 influence points with her every time she remarks your war with Leon, and the normal -60 influence if you defeat him).

Tilda offers the following diplomatic actions: Declare War, Lobbying, Price Dumping, Repair Service, License Trading and Demand Credits.

  • Price Dumping makes Goods bought from her cheaper.
  • Repair Service allows your ships to be repaired in her ports.
  • License Trading lets you trade your Credits for Licenses.
  • Demand Credits asks her for credits (there is no influence hit if she says no). Values increase over time.

Bonus Content[]

You are always able to use Jorgensen's portrait as your in-game appearance. Her Player Color (Olive Green) comes available by gaining the achievement "Master Diplomat" which is acquired by gaining the highest Career Level with all factions.