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Tools Workshop
Construction Cost Credits-icon500 · Building Modules 2 · Tools 3
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -4 ·  Balance -10 · Energy -3
Size 4x4
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Tools from Iron
Unlock 1 Tycoon / Eco Employee

The Tools Workshop produces Tools, the essential building block of any modern civilization in Anno 2070. It is used in nearly every construction project besides Worker housing, and is the only Tier 1 product that cannot be produced until your workers have advanced to Tier 2 production.

Because of its universal demand, slow production and limited resource access, the Tool production is the biggest throttle on how rapidly a colony can be established. Because of this, extra production chains need to be established, or additional Tools need to be purchased from NPC's or the Ark's delivery services, in order to meet development demands.

One Iron Mine (at 100%) with either one Coal Mine (at 50%) or one Rotary Excavator (at 100%) produce enough material to supply one Iron Smelter. This in turn supplies two Tools Workshops. Because of the shared resource, Iron, Tool Workshops can be alternated with Munition Factories, relieving the need to duplicate the resourcing infrastructure.

Production Chains Utilizing this Building[]

Tools Tools
Eco Tyco logos
Credits 2600  · Balance -95  · Energy -12  · Ecobal-icon -15
Building Modules 18 · Tools 30
Iron Ore
Iron Ore Mine
2 @ 100%
Cflow-D Iron
Iron Smelter
2 @ 100%
Cflow-E Tools
Tools Workshop
4 @ 100%
Coal Mine
1 @ 100%

  • Instead of the Coal Mine, you can also use two Rotary Excavators running at 100% capacity.


These upgrades aren't researchable; you have to find / buy them.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Warehouse Item Gold star smallGold star small Tools itemProductivity Fast finishing Productivity: +25% Multi armed assembly bots.

Warehouse Item Gold star smallGold star small Tools itemEnergy cost Low-energy assembly laser Energy: -25% Precision Material welding

Warehouse Item Gold star smallGold star small Tools itemEco cost Environmentally safe lubricant Ecobalance: -25% Don't contaminate the groundwater.