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Trenchcoat icon Trenchcoat the Dead Panda Society

Characteristics Jovial, friendly
Personality Passive
Diplomatic Actions Lobbying, Doing Overtime, Goods Delivery, Stolen Goods, Merchant Fleet
Influence Factors +Trading much
-Don't trade while he's in the sector
"Black market trader sounds so ugly. I prefer to consider myself "versatile". After all, I gotta look out for myself..."

Trenchcoat is a black market trader who is involved in an organization called the Dead Panda Society. His nickname is The Trader.


Actually, nothing is known about Trenchcoat's background though he mentions he's on the run from the authorities. He doesn't appear in the Campaign.


Trenchcoat's aircraft carrier, called the Fat Lady, travels around the world and stops in your sector for 45 minutes before leaving again. He will come back after half an hour to one full hour. At his ship, he sells illegal goods and rare technologies, as well as giving you quests.

Trenchcoat goods

Trenchcoat's inventory, with a typical selection of items.

Trenchcoat's goods consist of:

  • Building Modules - 80T @ Credits-icon44
  • Tools - 80T @ Credits-icon80
  • Weapons - 30T @ Credits-icon160 (Requires Employees)
  • Heavy Weapons - 30T @ Credits-icon796 (Requires Tycoon Engineers)
  • High-Tech Weapons- 20T @ Credits-icon548 (Requires Researchers)

He will purchase:

  • Liquor @ Credits-icon12
  • Diamonds @ Credits-icon168 (Requires Executives)
  • Fuel Rods @ Credits-icon475 (Requires Tycoon Engineers)

Trenchcoat's items consist of:

  • One Warehouse Item
  • One Ship upgrade
  • One Fertility Seed
  • One Resource Probe
  • One Warehouse or Ark item
  • One Prototype

Generally speaking, he sells and buys both goods and items at higher prices than anyone else (though Sokow and Stringberg are up there as far as selling building materials go).

This means he can be used to generate additional licenses by buying items off other NPCs (especially if using Price Dumping) and selling them to him. Unwanted items from quests or expeditions can also be saved up until he visits.

Interaction with other NPCs[]

Trenchcoat doesn't interact very much with other computer players, however everyone seems to like him. Trenchcoat is however a close ally with Hector, and will sometimes give you quests to help Hector, offering items and credits and sometimes up to 40influence points for doing so, though this type of quests from Trenchcoat are quite uncommon. Different from Leon however who's also a friend of Hector, Trenchcoat will NOT make you lose any influence if you declare war on Hector or even defeat him completely.



Trenchcoat's ship, the Fat Lady

Trenchcoat is all about trading, obviously, and particularly likes trading items. Not conducting any trade with him for the entirety of his visit won't please him.

He offers the following diplomatic actions: Lobbying, Doing Overtime, Goods Delivery, Stolen Goods and Merchant Fleet. You can't declare war on him.

  • Goods Delivery lets you ask for goods to be transported to you using his airplane (choose the goods you want to trade with him in your Warehouse in the Trade page before clicking the Delivery Service button which activates the delivery).
    • While the action can be spammed, doing so seems to reduce the amount of goods he sells significantly after the first delivery. It is recommended to wait for the delivery to take place before using the action again
    • The delivery functions much like a normal npc trade at your harbor, with a limit to the value of goods he will sell you, and he will also buy goods if you have any available for trade.
  • Doing Overtime allows you to ask him to stay in your sector for a longer period of time. When he is asked to stay longer for half an hour, he sometimes resurfaces immediately after leaving the region. This means that the extra time he spends in your region is deducted from the time he usually spends away from your region.
  • Stolen Goods refreshes and increases the amount of goods you can purchase from Trenchcoat.
  • Merchant Fleet lets you ask for a mix of Freight Ships, Cargo Liners and Container Ships.

No diplomatic actions can be taken when Trenchcoat is not in the sector or while his ship is moving away. However, the airplane delivery can still be activated while he is away.

Bonus Content[]

You are able to use Trenchcoat's portrait and his Player Color (Pink) as your in-game appearance by gaining the achievement "Too Good to Throw Away", thus collecting all the special items that other NPC's ships drops upon destruction, further explained in the Achievement article.

We also have his thoughts on his fellow NPCs.

After ANNO 2070[]

At some point after ANNO 2070, Trenchcoat died, but not before leaving a log with instructions about how to raise an underground warehouse that can be an unlimited source of Iridium. His ship can be found in Wildwater Bay in ANNO 2205. Records found on the ship can be used by the player to find and open underwater depots, containing Trenchcoat's treasures.