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Tyco-res-icon Tycoon Engineer Apartment Tycoon logo
Construction Cost Building Modules 2 · Tools 2 · Concrete 3
Maintenance Cost
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1000
Unlock Upgrade from Employee House

The Engineer Apartment is the third level of Tycoon residences, the previous being Employee House and the following being Executive Mansion.

Residences must be connected, by road, to buildings in order by be recognized as fulfilling their needs.

Each Engineer Apartment holds 25 residents(28 with the "Immo TV - Your property" channel in effect).

Engineers unlock third level buildings at the following population levels:

Engineers will upgrade their apartments to become Executive Mansions when their Needs are met:

In order to upgrade, 1200 Engineers are needed to unlock the Financial Center.

The upgrade process requires 1 Building Module, 3 Tools, 3 Concrete, and 4 Steel.

40% of Engineer Apartments can evolve to Executive Mansions.