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Tycoons are highly versatile and excel at rapid growth. The Tycoons avoid the inefficiencies, inflexibility, and naive pipe-dreams of the Ecos. The Tycoons are confident with their technologies which, through prudent implementation, ensure sufficient control of the environment while maximizing production and profit. The Tycoons are affiliated with Global Trust Inc., the biggest provider of energy on the planet. Tycoons can increase production further, produce more power and lessen their harm to the Ecobalance by working with Techs, researching their technology, and building Tech Buildings. The Tycoons can build the most powerful and devastating units in Anno 2070: the Colossus and the Nuclear Missile. The Tycoons contrast the Eco faction.

Pros and Cons[]


  • Energy production is very cost efficient.
  • The large Iron smelting economy can be focused at will into 4 different useful resources (Iron, Steel, Ammo, Heavy Ammo).
  • Rotary Coal Extractors free up precious mining sites from having to mine Coal, which can prove significant in late game.
  • Coal Plants can be placed anywhere, contrasted with the Eco's Offshore Wind Parks, which are far more exposed to attack.
  • Massed Coal Plants and Rotary Coal Extractors are extremely flexible, providing large amounts of power at will. This allows industry to be concentrated on a single/few island(s), which significantly improves overall defense. This is not possible for Eco (except for their populated islands) until they unlock Engineer class, and even then their alternative power source requires a 3rd tier resource (Glass), while Tycoon power requires only basic components.
  • All buildings are more efficient and farms take up much less space.
  • Far less affected by the Ecobalance (only after -200 Ecobalance do residents get a negative modifier to their satisfaction and only after -200 do farms go below 90% production).
  • One of the Tycoon TV Programs slashes the cost of upgrading residences in half.
  • Tycoon populations are more flexible in sharing an island with heavy industry, while the Ecos cannot.
  • Carefully leaving a 3x6 space for the Waste Compactor within populated areas eliminates any Ecobalance problems.
  • Some form of oil production will have already been established before Techs become available.
  • Tycoon players can build nuclear missiles.
  • Tycoon players can build the Colossus.


  • May have slightly more trouble with a Tech population on one island as long as there is negative ecobalance
  • Iron production is paramount for the Tycoons (Iron is required for Tools, Ammo, Steel and Heavy Weapons).
  • Energy production requires a continual stream of resources, islands without Coal must have coal imported.
  • When a small amount of energy production is all that's needed, supplying power is less efficient than for Windmills.
  • The Nuclear Power Plant can go into meltdown and people often riot if it is present on their island.
  • Ships (except for the Viper) move relatively slow compared to the Eco Hovercraft.
  • The only two effective options of mobile anti-air are the Commando Ship and your own air units. (So if enemies acquire aerial superiority, Tycoons can be harassed at sea easily).
  • People are slowly satisfied with their needs and a slight drop in supply completely halts and resets the upgrading of residences.
  • More disasters (when there is negative ecobalance).
  • Can not go above 0 Ecobalance without Eco structures, and Tycoons still do not enjoy much benefit from it.
  • They can't build the Shield Generator.
  • Tycoon players will stand much weaker in times of war than Eco players will in terms of energy. This is mainly due to the fact that energy production for the Tycoons requires time for the Coal power station to power up, compared to the immediate power production from the Ecos' Wind parks.