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Building ModulesSAAT-overlay Underwater Recycling Station SAAT logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon1,000 · Tools 6 · Carbon 8
Maintenance Cost Balance -60 · Energy -4
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Building Modules
Unlock 750 Researchers

The Underwater Recycling Station is a Tech building producing Building Modules. It requires an Undersea Rubble Heap to start and sustain production, just as an Oil Rig requires an Oil Deposit in a specific place.

Underwater rubble heaps are an unlimited resource, making Recycling Stations more efficient than their land based counterparts.

One Underwater Recycling Station has the output of two Smelters, which puts its upkeep 200% or 40c/min above that of the regular Eco/Tycoon equivalents.

Prior to patch 1.06, the Undersea Rubble Heap resource was finite and could not be replenished by any items developed by the Laboratory or Academy if it ran out.

Production Chains Utilizing this Building[]

Building modulesSAAT-overlay Building Modules
Using Underwater Recycling Station
SAAT logo
Credits 1,000  · Balance -60  · Energy -4  · Ecobal-icon -
Tools 6 · Carbon 8
Building Modules
Underwater Recycling Station
1 @ 100%