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Demonstration warning

Demonstration - Engineer Richard

A disappointed Engineer Richard urges the population to rise up against the player in protest if the demands are not met.

Ultimatums and Demands[]


A uprise occurring in the main city during the third mission of The Eden Project world event.

For other types of Ultimatums and demands, see Ultimatums.

An Uprising, also called a Demonstration and Strike, occurs when the inhabitants on one of your islands gives you a Ultimatum Quest to build or demolish a building (or number of units) or reach a specific eco-balance, and maintain the presence (or lack thereof) for up to ten minutes.

If you fail to comply with their demands your population in that city will demonstrate and protest, and they will also strike; this means they will refuse to work during the demonstration. This demonstration will cause all of your production buildings, including shipyards and Airports, to shut down for a period of time since citizens strike and refuse to work. Taxes will also cease to be paid and this can result in a catastrophic financial failure if you don't have a sizable balance. The amount of taxes that ceases to be paid depends on the strength of the uprising. Some uprisings only decrease your tax income dramatically, while other uprisings make them cease to be paid completely. The demonstration will only last a few minutes however and production and taxes will return to normal shortly after protests have ended. Some uprisings may also cause a mass exodus -- that is, hundreds of citizens leaving your islands due to unhappiness. This can severely amplify tax deficit issues until population levels return to normal.

An uprising is quite easy to prevent seeing as most of their demands involve building something you're probably going to need to build anyways. The destruction of a Nuclear Power Plant is the only exception to this. This demand is possibly caused by a lack of safety measures on either your island or Ark, or regular occurrences of the 'minor incident' nuclear event. Comprehensive safety measures may stop Tycoon citizens from revolting about Nuclear Power Plants, but the per-island Warehouse Upgrade Safety Measures I will not. In the Deep Ocean expansion, there is a new warehouse item called "Anti escalation equipment" which can be bought or researched at an academy. Activating this equipment on an island with an uprising will immediately "persuade" the populace to stop demonstrating and get back to work, which is useful if your populace is making unreasonable demands (such as the construction of Missile Launch Pads) of you.

If you are an Eco player, you may also receive a ultimatum to improve the ecobalance on your main island if the ecobalance is below -70 over longer periods of time. But if you have executives in your city, it can happen that you will recieve an ultimatum even when your ecobalance is positive. You can avoid this kind of uprising by building ecobalance buildings and avoid a negative ecobalance in your city. Tycoon players could experience a uprising of this kind if the eco balance drops below -500 for a LONG period of time. To avoid these uprisings, the eco balance must be increased to at least 0 for Eco players, but only -200 for Tycoon players, as the Tycoons will only become affected by the negative ecobalance if it drops to below -200, however, the minimum eco balance Tycoon citizens want appears to be just above -400, so keeping the eco balance above this level should prevent a uprise of this kind. Also note that sometimes theres a bug in the game which causes the uprise to still happen if you happen to increase the eco balance ABOVE 0 (neutral), so keep it just in the middle to avoid the uprise. This only counts for Tycoons.

If you have a monument on the island where the uprising is taking place any citizens, or production buildings within it's influence will not be affected. This appears to no longer be the case in the Deep Ocean expansion, possibly due to the new item that has become available which completely stops a uprise.

At dangerously low power levels, your citizens (notably Tech Researchers) may also demand you increase your power grid surplus to 50 or 75. This may also be given as a small and easy to complete quest from Dr. Salman Devi. When Patch 1.06 was released, there's an exploit in the patch which actually makes the Eco players also react on energy shortages. The weird thing is that even though they say that "They can't work like this" and that "Science must have top priority" (Engineer Ryan when presenting the ultimatum), they don't perform research at all.


Employee Lester when presenting the uprise threat. When an uprising is threatened, it will appear on the action bar on the left side of the screen. It will either appear as a red button, or as a small ":(" face.

Even though Engineer Richard and Engineer Ryan usually only threaten the player with uprising and demonstrations, they may also threaten with a strike when they present the ultimatum:

"You can face our demand, or I organize the mother of all strikes"
—Engineer Richard when threatening the player with an uprise

Ultimatums by Faction[]

Tycoon Ultimatums[]

  • Balance Deficit - Concerned by a long time balance deficit Employees demand that you reach a positive balance or risk an uprising.
  • Nuclear Worries - Concerned by constant false alarms and the risk of a meltdown, Engineers demand the removal of the nuclear power plant(s).
  • Show of Force - Executives will eventually demand the construction of a Missile Launch Pad, or other military constructions.
  • Instability        - Executives will also eventually demand the construction of at least 3Colossus or other military ships.
  • Insufficient Power - Your engineers want you to bring your energy up to 75.

Eco Ultimatums[]

  • Restoring the Ecobalance - Engineers demand you improve/restore an island's damaged ecobalance to levels they find acceptable.
  • Nuclear Worries - Concerned by constant false alarms and the risk of a meltdown, Engineers demand the removal of the nuclear power plant(s).

Tech Ultimatums[]

  • Insufficient Power - Your researchers state that your power output surplus is not sufficient for research, and demand that the surplus be increased.
  • Research Conditions - Some experiments require a certain ecobalance and researchers might demand that you reach at least the required ecobalance level. Sometimes even to lower the ecobalance. (Only happens at very low ecobalance levels)
  • Research Needs - Researchers state that the Laboratory is poorly equipped and demands that you build an Academy, and maintain it for 5-10 minutes.

E.V.E.'s Ultimatums[]

  • High Noon - Keto has arrived in your sector, and you have to destroy her flagship, the Anaconda. It's not really an ultimatum.