Since the first day I have been playing Anno 2070 I have enjoyed this website. From all the detailed layouts to the mission information and just all around gaming information, it has been an invaluable tool for me as I play. As such, I noticed a few pages that were either almost empty or severely lacking in details and finally have broken down to create an account to help out with those missing pages.

I hope to contribute to this community to help others gain support in this amazing game, and to help them enjoy it as much as I have! 

Things I am currently working on:[edit | edit source]

  • Campaign Pages - Filling them out with all the details, and then going through and doing walkthroughs. If anyone feels like helping take a look at Mission One: The Two-Year Plan. Since I feel pretty confident in saying that one is done.
  • Add-on Campaign - This is what I started on, and then got sidetracked on the Original Campaign... will come back to do more here eventually... lol
  • Icons - We are missing a bunch of Icons for usage around the wiki... having datamined the icon pages, I will be working on this as I can.
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