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Fantail_[edit | edit source]


Started the game early 2014 - Complete Edition.

Things I've noticed, it still has a substantial base of players. When there's a vote for example the list of contributors seems full. I think the game could use another expansion;

Some computer players don't activly trade, they should.

Random pirate type player without a base, probably NPC so you can't destroy them. Along with 4 - 5 new computer players.

6 new World events for Deep Ocean, with one mission requiring the player to expand a harbor, and another requiring a underwater trade route.

A few ways to issue an ultimatum to an expanding computer player. (How about stop flying your Hawks over my city if your so upset when my fleet buzzes your harbor.)

An expedition that opens an external trade route with a non selected NPC for example, subject to pirate attacks. Which opens the option to include an escort.

And - Or

Once you defeat - destroy a computer player, or perhaps just another player, some way a non selected computer player can enter the map provided there is an island to expand to.

And - Or

An acheivment that lets you add another column of players (2) to a large map, or add another player to a defeated player slot. A large map could roll with two more players.

And if your playing Eco & Tech only how about an alternate - synthetic alternate to the Fat Factory, part of the secondary production chain for Bionic Suits. Or once you reach 600 Geniuses, one of the NPC's have Omega Acids available for trade route, or even Trenchcoat.

Fantail_ may be one of the few Ark commanders that prefers the original Ark. Could be because his cheif engineer is an old freind both fond of the classic design. Maybe it's because the old Ark has a secret brewery room Yana & Seemus don't know about, for Beer.

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