"Since joining this wiki - February 20, 2012"

I'm getting old... leaving my old profile here though because nostalgic feelings and all that.

Oh, and don't forget about the Anno 1800 Wiki. Old loves die hard :)


Hey everybody! Welcome on my profile page. I'm one of the admins of this wiki, so feel free to ask your questions, suggest your suggestions, and add your comments at my talk page and I'll answer them soon. You can also contact me in-game (username Rayo) with your questions.

Happy editing everybody!

My Advice To Everybody Who Don't Know What To Edit[edit | edit source]

To Do[edit | edit source]

There's so much to do... Feel free to do these things by yourself, if you want to!

  • Write some walkthroughs;
  • Add the Campaign Modules to the Laboratory Modules page;
  • Add their Layouts to all building pages;
  • Add some information to the Diplomacy page;
  • Complete the Mission pages;
  • ...
  • ... (a.k.a. there will always be things to do...)

Some Kind of Story that is Used in Some Fan-Made Expansions[edit | edit source]

For the ones who like roleplayer profiles, here you are. Are you able to find all James Bond tracks in the text? ;)

Hello. The name's Phinn Cyber. Well, you know my name, and you are not going to tell anybody else. It's for your eyes only, OK?

I need your help. I used to work for S.A.F.E., the Special Agency for Far-reaching Emergencies. I think you have never heard about us before. I'll tell you something about us.

You may remember the year 2053, the year of the Great Revolution. You don't? Of course, you're too young.

In 2053, the UN was disbanded. Global Trust Inc. was the mightiest organization that had ever existed, so governments weren't needed anymore. When the UN was gone, Global Trust got all the power. It seemed like the world was not enough for them. Some people didn't like that. A few activists started the Eden Initiative, which grew, and grew... S.A.A.T. exists since 2024, and they have always been independent. Some people chose an alternative way of life, and they joined the Panda Society of the Barracuda League. Only a few know that Global Trust raised Westgate Security to make sure they were the only expanding faction.

By the way, all secret services and other government organizations had to close. But, well, we didn't. The British government - that didn't exist anymore - changed our name to S.A.F.E.. We got a base, called B.A.S.E. (the Bastion for the Agency of Special Emergencies) and we got missions. We were happy.

I married in 2060, and one year later, we got a twin: a boy and a girl, Alex and Lucy. I stopped working for S.A.F.E. and I got a nice job in C.O.R.E., for S.A.A.T..

You remember the start of this year, when C.O.R.E. was destroyed. Luckily, we were on vacation, and when we were back in our sector, C.O.R.E. was already rebuilt. But don't think we're very lucky, because we are not. You will also remember the Neo Skulls attack. What did they want? They wanted do destroy S.A.F.E.. And they did.

While threatening the World Council with nuclear missiles, they attacked B.A.S.E. and killed the other agents. Then, they went for my house and attacked us. I haven't told you yet that I was the best agent of S.A.F.E.. And still, nobody does it better. So we escaped in my Inmari. "We" means "my children and I", by the way. My wife was dead.

So, since then, we're on the run and I'm waiting for my chance to kill Scorpio and his gang. I still got my skills, I still got my licence to kill. You have to help me. You've beaten Scorpio before, so you know him. I'll learn you new tactics, I'll give you the blueprints for the Inmari (a special, submersible kind of aircraft).

Help me. For my children.

And always remember: tomorrow never dies.

--Phinn Cyber

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