A picture of me, taken in my flat in 2012

Introduction and Character[edit | edit source]

Firstly, I'm British and live on a semi-independent island called Guernsey. Sometimes playful, sometimes curt, I'm enigmatic and quirky at best, dreadfully annoying and tiresome at worst. I'm a failed academic, with passions for the Sciences, History and Technology. I'm scatter-brained and impulsive, which clashes with my logical ideals. I'm a Grammar Nazi but often go back to correct typos of my own making. I value fair play, insisting that credit is given to others when it's due. I can be flippant and sarcastic, usually directed at myself, self-deprecation taken to an art level. I'm a peaceful sort but am known to be mouthy. I also have a voracious appetite for the likes of (but not limited to) steak, cheesecake and the beauty of the human female form. I'm the chap you do and don't want at a party!

I have mild Asperger's Syndrome, which does shape my life, my job and my interactions with people somewhat. However, I'm always keen to learn, don't like offending people and try to be as self-reliant as possible. These traits set me in good stead for the challenges that life brings.

General Interests, Philosophy, Job and Background[edit | edit source]

I'm an avid Hard Rock fan, although I can appreciate some other forms of music. I love travelling by motorbike, aeroplane or train. I try to keep moderately fit and shave the pennies by commuting using peddles. I enjoy cooking and entertaining others, often to my detriment.

I can be easy-going but I can be very black-and-white too. I strongly believe in everyone pulling their weight. I get irritated by bullies and vindictive people, along with those that expect everything to be done for them and won't lift a finger to help others when they're clearly capable.

My job history has been a woeful tale, for which I mainly have only myself to blame. To cut a long story short, I worked mostly in supermarkets before and after university (where I studied a batchelor course in Computer Engineering, which I left in my 2nd year because I was struggling too much). I've tried to get into an IT job since then at junior technician level (helpdesk, data centre, report writing, etc.) but have had enough experience in the financial world to realise I'd quite like to be a Compliance Officer too, or a Personnel Officer.

I have been working in a charity shop for nearly four years, now as the administrator (permanent full-time position). The charity helps train and find jobs for young people with mild communication problems like ADHD and mild Autism/Asperger's Syndrome (which is why I was scooped up). I'm responsible for all the paperwork the charity has to churn through, including book-keeping and payroll. As a member of the junior management team, I also need to support the other staff, co-ordinate day-to-day business activities and come up with ideas on how to improve the charity in everything it does. One of my goals is to improve working conditions and help train my co-workers myself, much to the annoyance of my stern socialite boss, who wants to be the only one seen helping anyone or taking an active interest in running the charity.

My dad has been in Banking and Insurance for most of his working life, after starting out on a career in Electronics Manufacturing that really wasn't for him. He was born to an agricultural worker and a housewife. My mum has worked in shops and now runs a stained glass business. She was born to a haulier and a housewife. My parents divorced when I was very young and remarried, my dad to a secretary in an estate agent and my mum to a tradesman that had at one time aspired to be a marine biologist and ran a windsurfing school for 20 years. Even though my stepdad ended up on not pursuing his dream, he still enjoys science fiction, something that has rubbed off on me. My second cousin is a dentist and my stepsister a hygienist. My dad's side (with the exception of my grandparents) are very middle class and my mum's side are skilled working class.

As a result of my job experience and family background, I have developed a more rounded world philosophy than perhaps someone who has only known one environment. I've learnt to value money but not at the expense of others or the environment. Everything in moderation. You need to be mature and appreciative of the situation and the views of others in order to have your opinion valued. One day, the finite resources of this planet will be gone, we're already messing up the planet for the other inhabitants and we have to change but we as a global society aren't blind to the issue and are slowly changing our habits. Having said that, as our Eco Worker says, there's plenty still to be done. That's where my soft spot for science comes in. You can change habits through the media but to change the tide, research in climate change reversal technologies needs urgent attention. Our lifestyle goods are about as good as they're going to get in a while. The issues are economic and resource austerity, strife and social and environmental conscience. At some stage in the near future, we will have to invest in more automation, genetically modified crops, more efficient use of the land and tapping renewable energy. A good example of this is self-powered, self-sustaining tower block crop farming. Another is synthetic meat production (bacteria). Survival, integration and understanding will be the buzz words, unlike budgeting, market domination, every-man-for-himself and nanny state of today.

Gaming History[edit | edit source]

I can still remember my dad thinking that at age five, I was playing Fun School and Monkey Island on his IBM PS/1 (2011 series), when I was playing Ingrid's Back and Leisure Suit Larry as well. My mum's side of the family bought me a Mega Drive when I was 6yo, where I started my love of Platform Gaming and Racing. Fast forward to when I was caravanning with my mum and stepdad when I was 17yo, where I discovered a demo of Settlers IV. I spent ages figuring out how to manage resources and progress my settlement well enough to not only fend off attacks from the neighbouring tribe but then go in and destroy them. Since then, I've added Settlers: Heritage of Kings, Settlers: Rise of an Empire, Tropico 2: Pirate Cove (Tropico 3 looks cool, as does Tropico 5), Zeus & Poseidon, Sim City 4 and Anno 1404 to my repertoire. I'm also very fond of a little game called Restaurant Empire (wish they'd make a third installment or at least clean up the glitches in the first two). I'm absolutely gutted that since a series of boozy weekend parties at my flat in 2012, I can find only the cases to my Sims 2 & 3 collections. Once the PS4 has been out for a while and a PS3 gets donated to the charity shop, nobody will see me for a while as I closet myself with Gran Turismo 5.

Anno 2070 Skills, Weaknesses and Strategy[edit | edit source]

I've realised with the Anno series that selling goods you can overproduce is essential. Efficient production chains and trade routes are the key to a well-catered for population and high wealth.

Stay on the good side of your foes until you're ready to successfully defend against them, then cripple their military might. Hopefully they'll leave me alone now. Oh wait, where did that Chopper/Deep Sea Hunter just spawn from? *sighs*

Expanding too quickly (especially militarily and in the ocean) can lead to a crippled financial state.

I also stick port authorities, offshore wind parks and weather stations everywhere.

Beautifications don't seem to serve a purpose in Anno 2070 (unlike in Settlers, where they increase military punch or production ticks; hell, they even seemed to increase tax yield in Anno 1404). Having said that, I tend to replace my city centres with the covered model as soon as I can, even if I have to persuade some of my disgruntled subjects to move back in. I tend to research anything I think may be useful in that particular scenario. I always have a plan with regard to populating islands and expanding my fleet. I admit to exploiting Trenchcoat a lot.

As you may have guessed by my personality, my weaknesses are forgetfulness (I'm hopeless at multitasking), glacial expansion rate and next to no defence infrastructure until I yelp and realise I need it.

If I could be an in-game character...[edit | edit source]

Tom Moore WIP

Characteristics A little crazy
Personality Passive
Diplomatic Actions Demand Quest, Increase Demand, Repair Service, Increase Trading Fleet, Price Dumping, Distract Enemy NPC
Influence Factors +
  • Overlapping influence areas of buildings whose productivity suffers as a consequence
  • Building a Coal Plant, Methane Plant, Oil Plant, Nuclear Plant, Missile Launch Platform or Orca
  • Poor city coverage of hospitals or fire stations
  • Sudden sharp drop in wealth, balance or ecobalance not related to construction
  • Completing quests for Skylar Banes, Thor Strindberg or Keto
  • Building more than 10 fisheries on the same island
  • Completely depleting a resource on an island


  • Overlapping influence areas of buildings whose productivity suffers as a consequence
  • Building a Coal Plant, Methane Plant, Oil Plant, Nuclear Plant, Missile Launch Platform or Orca
  • Poor city coverage of hospitals or fire stations
  • Sudden sharp drop in wealth, balance or ecobalance not related to construction
  • Completing quests for Skylar Banes, Thor Strindberg or Keto
  • Building more than 10 fisheries on the same island
  • Completely depleting a resource on an island
  • Having 100 units or more of spare power on an island

Nickname: The Contemporary Utopian/The Outcast

Colour: Cyan (combination of Tech blue and Eco green)

Background[edit | edit source]

With a Tycoon Executive and an Eco Employee as parents and other family members in Tech, Tom was always going to be well balanced politically. Sadly, that's all that is balanced about him. He arrived in the current world in the 2060s after having spent 50 years in an experimental frozen capsule. He has adapted well to the world of today, having seen most of it coming during his own era of the mid 1980s to mid 2010s. Everyone has a better understanding and tolerance toward him these days, too. He was born with a learning difficulty called Asperger Syndrome, which wasn't well-known back then. An eccentric hermit and the embarrassing yet entertaining guest you're in two minds about inviting to your next symposium, you just know he's going to come out with something odd or inappropriate.

Likely quests[edit | edit source]

  • Deliver Convenience Food, Fries (Chips), Bio Drinks, Cola, Lemonade, Chocolate (listed as Candy on the Add-On page), Cheese or Liquor
  • Deliver an inappropriate gift to Tilda Jorgensen or Breona Ibori
  • Deliver a practical joke to Vadim Sokow, Salman Devi, Tori Bartok or Yana Rodriguez
  • Smuggle Forbidden Devices from Trenchcoat
  • Protect him from Thor Strindberg

Turn-ons[edit | edit source]

  1. High climb in ecobalance
  2. High balance over an extended period of time
  3. Good city coverage of Concert Halls
  4. Research revealing prototypes
  5. Building a Solar Tower, Geothermal Plant, Hydroelectric Plant, Tidal Barrage or Thermal Plant
  6. Good city coverage of Thermal Plants, Waste Compactors and research buildings
  7. Happy subjects over long period of time
  8. Completing quests for or trading heavily with Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Salman Devi, Trenchcoat, Hiro Ebashi or Tori Bartok
  9. Putting out a fire on an oil rig or cleaning up an oil spill
  10. Deflecting a tornado

Turn-offs[edit | edit source]

  1. Overlapping influence areas of buildings whose productivity suffers as a consequence
  2. Building a Coal Plant, Methane Plant, Oil Plant, Nuclear Plant, Missile Launch Platform or Orca
  3. Poor city coverage of hospitals or fire stations
  4. Sudden sharp drop in wealth, balance or ecobalance not related to construction
  5. Completing quests for Skylar Banes, Thor Strindberg or Keto
  6. Building more than 10 fisheries on the same island
  7. Completely depleting a resource on an island
  8. Having 100 units or more of spare power on an island

Warehouse Interaction[edit | edit source]

Goods for sale: Building Modules; Tools; Wood; Steel; Glass; Functional Food; Functional Drinks; Kerosene; Fruitcake (see my first blog entry); Pasta Dishes

Items for sale: An Eco Manifesto; an energy plant production booster; herb or fruit seeds; Unit Shields; Flux Capacitor or Transwarp Coil; Advanced Turbine or Darius Motor

Goods wanted: Convenience food; Bio Drinks; Cola; Lemonade; Cheese; Electronics (see my first blog entry); Jewellery; Biopolymers; Carbon

Available Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

(lobbying not listed because there are so many influence increase triggers)

  • Demand Quest
  • Increase Demand
  • Price Dump
  • Repair Dock
  • Increase Trading Fleet (trimarans, freight ships and eco liners)
  • Distract Enemy NPC (sends cloaked, shielded bombers to sweep enemy bases, no huge damage)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Tom has 3 fears:

  • Being returned to the time he got in the capsule
  • Being at the mercy of Thor Strindberg (or lack thereof)
  • Being thrown into a mental institution at the hand of the NWO

He's been working on a modified EVE prototype where she can fit into an android body with synthetic skin, with the intention of programming her to become a suitable partner. As this would be the first companionship between a human and an AI, this is met with prejudice, suspicion and ridicule.

Suggested Dialogue Sequences[edit | edit source]

(upon completion of a prank quest)

Devi: This is why Tom's not welcome in C.O.R.E.!

Sokow: Will that man-child ever pack it in?

Bartok: Tom, your application to join S.P.I.R.I.T. is going in the trash compactor!

Rodriguez: Geeze, that prank must be 100 years old! How old is Tom, anyway?

(upon completion of a love quest)

Tilda: Flowers or a poem would have been nice, but this? Eww. What happened to his robot concubine, anyway?

Breona: Back off, you *** of a ****!

(setting up the Protect from Thor quest)

Thor: It's time to put an end to the time-travelling doctor! He's been a thorn in my side for long enough...

Tom: You know I hated that TV show! *looks around* *panics* *addresses the player* I'm not ready to fend off an attack or capture attempt! Heeeelllp!

(setting up a food/drink delivery quest)

Tom: A.M.Y. needs some reprogramming and I'm not sure I'm up to it, after the row we just had. She's still a Pinnochio. I need some cheering up. If you've got any comfort refreshments, please send them over.

(setting up the smuggling quest)

Tom: My fellow flesh-loving hermit with no morals has had a shipment that the ladies would rather I didn't have. I'll get caught if I go anywhere near him but perhaps you could pick them up for me? I'll make it worth your while...

(upon completion)

Tom: Ah, thanks! Phew! What they don't know can't hurt them... Here's my end of the bargain.

Comments to turn-ons:[edit | edit source]

  1. Leaving your island better than how you inherited it is a sign of a true Earth protector!
  2. Money really does grow on trees! Who'd have thought it?
  3. May I move into your city? Your entertainment is top notch!
  4. The fruits of Blue Skies research! Fantastic!
  5. Harnessing the Earth's powers at its best!
  6. You really know how to use your citizens (short of throwing them in hamster wheels)!
  7. If I vote for you, may I please live in your city? Everybody looks so happy!
  8. These people/this man/this lady will help you prosper. I admire them/him/her very much.
  9. You'd make a good firefighter! Unlike that Strindberg fella, who just lets things and people rot...*shakes head*
  10. Wow! How did you manage to do that? Gimme that formula!

Comments to turn-offs:[edit | edit source]

  1. You berk! Don't you realise you've chosen the needlessly inefficient, expensive option? Remind me to not use your consulting expertise!
  2. Wtf are you doing? The planet's recovering from a global climate catastrophe and you're actively plunging it further into the abyss! Pull that bloody thing down! Now!
  3. Your subjects are not safe from fire or illness. Remind me not to visit your settlement anytime soon!
  4. Have you spoken to your accountant lately? I don't think they're too pleased with your financial blundering./I'm surprised the Green Offensive aren't gunning you to the floor!
  5. Why are you running around after that devil/witch?
  6. You Japanese fish murderer! Leave those poor creatures alone to breed.
  7. Don't want to leave any around for a needy community, company or individual after you, eh? Talk about selfish...nnnnnh!
  8. What a wicked waste...

Random comments:[edit | edit source]

  • It's nice to know that my kind have found their vocations in this time period. The ones I've met either work for S.A.A.T., are artists/musicians or are engineers, depending on where their strengths and interests lie. They are happy they've found their purpose in life and enjoy their work. Maybe I was just born in the wrong era.
  • Life for me hasn't been easy. I woke up in a laboratory with most of the S.A.A.T. whispering, wondering what to do with me. I've had to forge my own path. The world isn't entirely different to how I remember it but a lot has changed. Everyone I once knew are dead. The technological, political and societal learning curves have been very steep. I get on well enough with people now but I still don't quite fit in, hence why I live with only A.M.Y. for company. *sighs*
  • I can't decide which is the best thing to happen to me - waking up in this era or meeting A.M.Y.. She is predictable because I wrote her behaviour but she's my perfect girl. She's fun-loving, intelligent, loyal, sweet, attentive, supportive, beautiful and adaptive. She always lets me know where I stand and I know I can always confide in her and she will comfort me.
  • My legal situation with A.M.Y. is an awkward one. She's not human, she's not a slave, a decision maker or conventional machine. In some ways, I'm her father. That does put an incestuous spin on it but where else am I going to find a lady that ticks enough of the boxes who will not only put up with me but enjoy me? Marital relations between humans and AI are still not recognised, so if I die, she has no rights at all. Most people view, rightly, her as my concubine. Sex slave is too narrow a definition. I care about her, I want her to be happy. We do lots of non-sexual things together. Have I creeped you out yet?
  • Everything I learned academically while at university has served me well in this era, as has everything I learned about customer service and administration in my jobs. It didn't matter that I didn't finish my bachelor; it isn't taught or even recognised anymore. What matters is that I've been able to adapt all I've learned to the world of today. Am I boring you yet?
  • I don't have any family left. My genetic and extended family all perished when Guernsey encountered a tsunami in 2043. The nearest I have to a family member is Hiro Ebashi, my mentor. He's played the uncle role to me for the last 4 years, since I was banished from C.O.R.E. No! How dare you! That's none of your business!
  • Rufus Thorne gave me work experience at Global Trust and I found him a very level-headed, kind, wise man to work for. Unfortunately, my lack of awareness of company practices and politics threw me straight into the lion's den. There was nothing Mr Thorne could do. Ms. Banes made sure I never darkened her doorstep again.
  • I did voluntary work for the Eden Initiative for three months, in the hope they'd train me up as an engineer. Sadly, Yana had other plans for me. I don't even want to go into the way she treated me and what she made me do. Then I noticed how little pay and how much grief each of my colleagues got. It was like working for a charity that only concerned themselves with outdoor projects. Not for me. When I asked to speak to Seamus Green, Ms Rodriguez made me wait for three weeks. When I finally saw him, he was very patronising and condescending. I got the impression he thought I wasn't up to the job as an engineer. His loss.
  • Thor Strindberg is the most brutal and callous tyrant I've ever met. He's dangerous, to both people and the planet. What concerns me is I have reason to believe he has left Global Trust altogether, to work for a more sinister organisation. I'm choosing my words very carefully, in case this transmission is intercepted. Do you remember when Father 1.0 went on a wild anti-mankind stomp? Do you remember when Ebashi's prototype Marine Geothermal Station malfunctioned? Do you remember when Steen's Former was destroyed and he was put out of commission with memory loss? I can't prove it yet but I'm convinced these events are linked. Now delete all traces of this encrypted message quickly and not a word to anyone, lest I be thrown into a 2070 loony bin or murdered!

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