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Vadim Sokow icon Vadim Sokow Sokow Transnational

Characteristics Business minded Oil Baron
Personality Mixed (Passive and/or Aggressive)
Diplomatic Actions Declare War, Lobbying, Increase Demand, Stop Expansion, Stock Trading, License Trading
Influence Factors +Buying oil, trading

-Procuring oil elsewhere or producing your own

"Be warned! The Oil still belongs to me, and I will fight for every barrel of it!"
—Vadim Sokow in the game lobby after a heavy defeat

Vadim Sokow is an expanding NPC in Anno 2070. He belongs to the Tycoon faction and he leads Sokow Transnational, one of Global Trust's largest suppliers of Oil. Likewise, his nickname is The Oil Baron. His theme song on the official Soundtrack is called Fluid Gold.


"This stupid rumor that my family would maintain close contacts with mafia circles is a personal insult; the Sokows are decent people! But losers always project their feelings of guilt onto those more successful than them."
—Vadim Sokow

Sokow Transnational is a family company. As Vadim Sokow says, they had practically nothing before they started in the Oil business. Now, the Sokows are one of the richest families in the world.

Vadim Sokow doesn't appear in the Campaign, but a oil tanker which may belong to his company can be seen in the second part of the first chapter in which the tanker crashes into one of the oil rigs just outside Site13, causing a catastrophic oil spill.



Sokow's docks

Vadim Sokow will settle many islands, all containing Oil deposits. He uses special Oil Drillers for driling Oil, which pollute the environment very much. By the way, he is the only expanding NPC besides Dr. Tori Bartok who'll settle Underwater Plateaus (given that they contain Oil).

He mostly sells Tycoon related items. You can find all of the tycoon +25% production items from him, except for Gourmet Factories. On top of that, his prices are 10% more expensive when buying/selling items.

Furthermore, Vadim Sokow traverses in and out of the sector quite often with his Oil Tankers. Destroying one of these tankers causes the Oil to spill and spread to nearby islands. When this occurs, the island receives a 'Critical' negative ecobalance of 500 because of the black tide. This can happen multiple times on the same island and the negative ecobalance will cumulatively decrease by 500 each time, drastically increasing the time required to clean up the Oil Spill.

Interaction with other NPCs[]

Leon Moreau dislikes Vadim Sokow and also has a quest for you to destroy his office. Vadim also hates Hector and you'll gain influence with him if you destroy Hector's ships.


You can gain influence in the regular fashion with Vadim, through completing missions and general trading. Special conditions for increasing influence through trade with Vadim involve buying Oil and Refined Oil. Selling Carbon, Kerosene, Coal and Uranium to him will also increase your influence. You will also gain influence by destroying Hector's ships. Finally, simply using Oil for production (Plastics, Kerosene, Carbon) can increase your influence as he expects good business from that fact.

You will lose influence if you are not using any Oil or producing Oil in large quantities and not purchasing from him. Additionally, trading (Crude) Oil with other NPCs will decrease influence. Large Oil production may also cause him to issue an Ultimatum to the player, threatening war unless his demands are met (usually a delivery of Coal or money, or demolishing oil drillers if there are too many of them).

If your fleet closely passes his port Vadim will typically threaten you and charge -5 influence.

Vadim Sokow offers the following diplomatic actions: Declare War, Lobbying, Inceased Demand, Stop Expansion, Stock Trading and License Trading.

  • Increased Demand refreshes and increases the amount of goods you can purchase from Vadim.
  • Stop Expansion forces Vadim to seek your permission before settling a new island. You receive licenses if and when you agree to it.
  • Stock Trading allows you to invest money with Vadim, creating a profit or loss over time. This is automatically added to your balance sheet.
  • License Trading lets you buy Licenses with Credits.

Bonus Content[]

ANNO2070 - Vadim Sokow.

You are able to use Sokow's portrait and his Player Color (Coffee) as your in-game appearance by gaining the achievement "Over-exploitation" and thus consuming all resources of one island.


Sometimes theres a glitch which makes Vadim Sokow reappear on the map hours after his defeated. Its unknown what that causes this to happen, but its most likely a glitch as there was a similar problem with Keto until it was fixed in a Patch-Note.

Life after Anno 2070[]

Exactly what happened to Vadim Sokow after the events of ANNO2070 is not known. In the game's successor, Anno 2205, Sokow's oil tankers can be found deserted in some locations. This may indicate that Sokow, like Global Trust, went bankrupt at some point following the events of Anno 2205.


Vadim Sokow reappering hours after he was defeated. Notice how his ships are highlighted in Coffe Brown and theres no island settled with that color...