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Waste-comp-iconEco cost Waste Compactor Tycoon logo
The Waste Compactor surrounded by houses.
Construction Cost Credits-icon800 · Building Modules 4 · Tools 5 · Concrete 12
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon +50 ·  Balance -40 · Energy -5
Size 3x6
Hitpoints 1000
Influence Radius 12 tiles
Unlock 750 Tycoon Employees

The Waste Compactor is the first Tycoon building available that will increase the ecobalance of an island. Its effectiveness increases as more residents live within its area of influence (maximum productivity is reached when 650 inhabitants live in radius, 50% @ 200 inhabitants). However, like all Tycoon ecobalance buildings, it cannot raise the ecobalance of an island above 0.

Waste compactors have many large benefits over other ecobalance buildings. First and most obvious are its rock bottom maintenance cost and energy use. At 70% efficiency the overall cleanup per cost is on par with a Deacidification Station + Coal power, and surpasses all options from there. Second, it is unique in not using any Mine or River slots, and does not have a competing influence radius like all other ecobalance buildings. It will supplement any other option without issue. Third, it takes up the least island space when compared to other options supplied with bulky Coal+Excavator power. Lastly it's cheap and easy to place, using mere concrete and demanding no change in city layouts. All these advantages make the Waste Compactor an obvious choice and first line of defense against pollution.

Still not convinced? Add Eco tech to the mix. The Waste Compactor neutralizes negative pollution, and frees up space for Weather Control Stations to put it in the green. It is easy to bring the main island's ecobalance into the positive this way, without ever touching valuable resource spots or using Tech research.

The Waste Compactor and Eco Thermal Power Station does not use the same influence. Which mean you can have the same houses within one another and they do not interfere with each other. This can be useful later in the game when you have both technologies available.


Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small Waste compactor itemEco cost Interim waste storage Ecobalance: +20% Minimizes waste. Credits-icon 5,000 · Microchips 15 · Control Module 1

Ark Item Gold star small Waste compactor itemEnergy cost Heterogenous catalysis Energy: -30% Lower firing temperatures, same result! Credits-icon 10,000 · Licenses-icon 200 · Carbon 20 · Microchips 30 · Control Module 1 · Generator 2

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star small Waste compactor itemMultiple effects Atmospheric fluidized bed combustion Ecobalance: +30% Energy: -40% Increased efficiency due to smaller particles. Credits-icon 22,500 · Licenses-icon 450 · Carbon 45 · Microchips 70 · Control Module 4 · Generator 2 · Heterogenous catalysis 1

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Waste compactor itemMultiple effects Compact combustion process Ecobalance: +40% Energy: -50% Condensed phase combustion, reduced emissions. Credits-icon 30,000 · Licenses-icon 600 · Carbon 60 · Microchips 90 · Heterogenous catalysis 2 · Atmospheric fluidized bed combustion 2