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Westgate Security is a mercenary company with only one goal: to eliminate people when they are paid the appropriate sum of money. Westgate Security never appears in the game directely in any continous game or scenario, but they will send out one of their "employees", Keto, on the mission of destroying all players in the sector, this means that she will start attacking all players in the session she's in except from NPCs.


Westgate Security, as mentioned above, appears only when Keto has been added to the session. They will send her on a mission to destroy all the players in the designate sector. Because Westgate Security has high-tech weapons far beyond what the Techs have, they can often devastate the player(s) if Keto is on medium or above. On hard she is extremely hard to defeat. Once Keto is gone, Westgate Security will leave the player alone for the rest of the session. Once Keto is defeated, the player(s) is/are able to obtain access to Westgate Security's Shark technology, by scanning the wreckage of the Anaconda and deliver the results to E.V.E.. However, the construction plan for the sharks are NOT transferable between games. This means the player has to defeat her in every game they desire to use the technology.


If you complete the mission Power Games, defeat both Keto and Hector and than quickly exit the mission, go to the Continuous Game screen and choose the Hard Difficulty. Now you may experience an exploit in which it's possible to add Keto twice to your session instead of just once. When you do this, two timers will appear, but it's unknown whether actually two Anacondas appear It is however very likely that there will be  two Pirate Bays if you add Hector twice as well. For the main article about this, see Exploits.