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Single Missions icon Whatever it Takes Medium
Whatever It Takes
Build the first Monument in this sector... or make sure that nobody else does! Compete with your rivals and gain Prestige and Influence!
Objectives Build a Monument
Elinimate all other players

Focus Organization, Military
NPCs Yana Rodriguez, Rufus Thorne, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi
Multiplayer multiplayer only

Whatever it Takes is a multiplayer-only mission. There are three ways to start this mission.

  1. Create a game and invite some people from your contact list.
  2. Create a game, make it public, and wait for random people to join.
  3. Join an existing public game for this mission.

Difficulty: Medium (Gold starGold star)

There are also 2 optional ways of completing this mission; be the first to build a monument... Or eliminate the other players.


  • Build FAST! The faster you evolve your population, the more advantage you will have against the other players. Obtaining the Shipyard and the munition factory must be your highest priority, as the only option to complete this mission without playing for hours is to eliminate the other players or have them give up.
  • Recruit units! You need to defend yourself if one or more of the players decides to declare war on you. The faster you are able to recruit your first unit, the better, but do note however, that you still need some harbor and eventually air defences to protect your island, so build some of these first as they will be able to protect your ship yards but its much more difficult to protect the turrets with only a handful ships.
  • Build tight! Try not to expand to too many islands; the less islands you have, the better, as it will make it easier for you to defend your production chains, and harder for you enemies to take them down.
  • Prioritise defences! When you build your defences, such as turrets, build them where you need, like around your fisheries, this will protect you from attacks from the other players and make it harder for them to starve your population of food.
  • If you're the player with the largest advantages (Such as a huge amount of ships or aircraft) attack vulnerable targets, such as fisheries and other targets which the enemy needs to sustain his/her population.
  • Don't waste materials! It takes time to produce more, and there's no guarantee that you will be able to buy more if there's a war raging.

For more information about how to attack other players cities, see Combat, for more information on how to build defences and defend your city, see Defences.