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Yana Rodriguez

Rodriguez talking
Characteristics Environmentalist, supportive
Personality Passive
Diplomatic Actions Lobbying, Demand Quest, Take out a loan, License Trading, Auxiliary Fleet
Influence Factors +Paving Green Boulevards, having a high Ecobalance, using renewable energy, having a large population of Eco executives

-Paving a lot Roads or Highways

"I'm not stupid. Green's using me as a battering ram against opposition both internally and externally. So what? I have a thick skin. Once he's gone, I'm going to be the one calling the shots!"
—Yana Rodriguez

Yana Rodriguez is a non-expanding NPC, the operational manager for the network of influential, global environmental organizations, the Eden Initiative. She's supportive but brutal, and some ecos would rather see a more moderate spokesperson.



Yana congratulates you on defeating F.A.T.H.E.R.

"Wasn't there some controversy surrounding Rodriguez? Didn't she infiltrate the Eden Initiative to bring down the organization? I was too busy to follow the story at the time; it turned out be a false alarm. Or was it?" - Professor Dr. Salman Devi.

Not much is known about Yana's background prior to the events of ANNO 2070, but as stated by Salman Devi, she may originally became a member of the Eden Initiative in order to infiltrate the Initiative, which could suggest she was originally part of Global Trust. This however is not 100% proved to be correct, as Salman Devi does make it clear that he was too busy at the time to follow the story.

In a normal continuous game quest, called "Traces of the past", it is revealed that Yana's parents became missing after a big Ark accident (maybe the Virago). In the quest the she asks the player to recover the remains of the Ark and search for anything about her parents. At the end the player finds a souvenir from the disappeared parents, after it is given to Yana, she's very grateful, and she says she will keep it forever.

Appraisal in the CampaignEdit

Yana Rodriguez plays an integral part in the Campaign. She can first be seen in Campaign One, Mission Three, when a natural disaster occurs at Global Trust. She and her men often appear and correct the mistakes that are made by their rival.



Yana's Ark, The Biosphere

Residing in her Ark, Biosphere, Yana Rodriguez will send out Cargo Liners to trade with you and deal in Eco goods on sale. Her Ark offers Eco goods and items, including one Ark upgrade at all times.

Interaction with other NPCsEdit

As she represents the faction opposing Global Trust her quests will sometimes call to hinder quests offered by Rufus Thorne, and will periodically call upon you to cease trading with him all together.


Rodriguez likes you to build many Green Boulevards, to trade a lot with Prof. Dr. Salman Devi and to have a very high Ecobalance in the early stages of the game. She isn't pleased by many Highways or regular Roads, though. Trading a lot with Rufus Thorne or any other third party that's a part of Global Trust will decrease your influence as well.

She offers the following diplomatic actions: Lobbying, Demand Quest, Take out a loan, License Trading and Auxiliary Fleet. You can't declare war on her.

  • Take out a loan offers you an immediate amount of cash, which will have to be repaid over the course of the next 60 minutes in the form of a permanent negative balance hit.
  • License Trading exchanges your credits in return for Licenses.
  • Auxiliary Fleet calls in Warships on your behalf. It has a cooldown of 120 minutes. The price and the set of ships depends on your current resident's level.
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Influence 60 60+ 100
Small Fleet 1 Commando Ship, 1 Hovercraft (9000C)
Medium Fleet 1 Commando Ship, 1 Viper, 2 Hovercraft (15000C)
Large Fleet 1 Commando Ship, 2 Viper, 3 Hovercraft (30000C)

Bonus ContentEdit

You are able to use Rodriguez' portrait as your in-game appearance by reaching Level 6 at the Career Progression of the Eden Initiative. By reaching Level 2 you are also able to use Rodriguez' Profile Colour (Green) by yourself.

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